Expert View On Wizkid vs Davido Beef


Fans and music go hand in hand, I mean a musician is as good or as irrelevant as his fans make him/her. If he can’t make good music that people love, he can’t build a fanbase. Fans are the ones who will blow your trumpet, buy your music and even come to your shows. So they are as important as the music itself. But sometimes the fans can be a problem to your success also if you don’t properly manage yourself and their influence in your life.

Sorry for boring you with my long diatribe, Wizkid and Davido are the two biggest Nigerian artistes right now and arguably the two biggest in Africa right now. Fans have been pitched in a battle of who is better and greater since Davido made his mark and burst into the scene threatening Wizkids no 1 spot. I am all here for competition in a good way but when it gets out of hand like it has been getting recently with the two major artistes it becomes a problem.

The fans seem to be fueling the rivalry and just like I saw in an interview, some years back. Wizkid seems to be the one who feels threatened. I am not taking sides, but Davido has been gracious and very friendly with most stars and celebs alike, unlike Wizkid. I love both of them and I believe greatness can be shared. All this spite and unnecessary subtweets aren’t needed. The money is enough for everybody. They both can make it and excel.

Fans need to chill on setting up the 2 musicians up too. They are both young and fall into this traps most of the time. Sounds from the other side, Wizkid’s new album is no 2 in America and one of the trending albums in the world right now. Davido’s IF and Fall have shook the world too that R.kelly even did a remix.

Obviously, the one good thing about Nigeria right now is Music, considering the recession and how incompetent our leaders have been. These two talented young men have taken Nigerian music a step forward even more than their predecessors and it is something I am immensely proud of. We don’t need to tear them down or pit them against each other but instead we should cheer them and be extremely proud of their achievements. Together even more greatness can be achieved.

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