8 Reasons Why We Love Davido


8 Reasons Why We Love Davido

8 Reasons Why We Love Davido

Hello guys. welcome to this fun post. We will be listing eight solid reasons why you should love one of African’s greatest star Davido. This post is for all those who can’t get Wizkid and Davido’s rivalry out of their mouth :). We think Wizkid and Davido are African’s biggest artistes at the moment and both have their good and bad qualities but they should not be compared as they are both making Africa Great (In Trump’s voice)

Today, we will be listing the 8 Reasons Why You Should You Love Davido. Maybe after reading this post, you will have a soft heart towards OBO 🙂

1. He Features On Almost Any Artiste Song

For a big international star with very busy schedule and eventful lifestyle, he still finds time to feature on other artistes songs whether upcoming or A-List , he jumps on their songs and gives his best performance. He also makes appearance on videos. This attitude is very rare with many musicians in Nigeria. (I’m sure you can name a handful in 10 seconds 🙂

2. He Projects Other Artiste To Limelight

Being the CEO of DMW and HKN, Davido has brought on many artistes to limelight, he shoots great videos and does promotions for them. He has the likes of Danagog, B-Red, Shina Rambo and Deekay. He didn’t stop there, he has signed two new artiste who are doing very well in the industry, Dremo and Mayorkun. This show of humility and commitment to a course is not something we see very often in the industry, Davido standout in this area.

3. He Genuinely Has A Good Heart Towards Others.

We have seen many selfless act carried out by Davido without holding the whole social media to random. The most remarkable one which was in the press was the little boy he put on scholarship and built a house for his family. In 2013, he celebrated his 21st birthday in an orphanage somewhere in lagos, he donated large quantity of food and stationaries , also In 2014 Davido, P-Square gave a massive donation to orphans in Cameroon & Ivory Coast and so many unannounced aids, buying a tanker for a friend

Davido always put a smile on fans faces whenever he comes in contact with them both in public places. He gives so many un-announced aids to people.

4. His Songs Are Well Composed And with Concept

Davido makes songs with a concept in mind, you can tell he is a structured guy because most of his songs are well structured and have a rhythm and concept to it. He is not the typical nigerian artistes that just dishes out whatever comes to their head to the fans. Take it from me, some of our A-list artistes with large fan base just dishes anything out and because the fans idolize them, they see such songs as “HIT” even before listening to them. Things like this has made most of our artistes very lazy when it comes to composing very good songs with structure but thank God some still do.

5. Despite Having A “Frog Voice” He Still Shows Vocal Strength On His Songs

lol.. Yes.. Some refer to Davido’s voice as “Frog Voice” but Davido’s vocal covers a very high range which most “Good Voice” artiste can not hit or prefer not to hit. Davido uses his frog voice very well. Listen to Davido – How Long ft. Tinashe and many other songs and tell me what you notice. Davido’s singing is very pleasing and calm to the ears, it doesn’t sound noisy or distorted.

6. He Is Not Arrogant Despite Being A Rich Kid

Davido appears to be a very easy going person who is all about good vibes and good music. Besides the rivalry between him and Wizkid, I can’t recall anyone who he has picked a fight with. I have watched his interviews, he seem very calm and understanding, doesn’t show intimidating nature which you would expect from someone who is full of themselves. and being born into a rich home, he never act arrogant or disrespectful (well except for dele na my boy) 🙂

7. He Relates Well With Fans And Fellow Artistes

On and off social media, Davido actually relates to fans, most artistes would relate to fans only when they are promoting their contents via social media but Davido feels closer to the fans than anyone I know out there. He replies and retweet to certain posts on twitter and instagram when he has the opportunity. Davido takes out time to promote fellow artist’s works on his private pages. He goes as far as commenting on other artistes posts just to show support. Many of the top acts don’t do this..

8. He Has A Great Fashion Sense

Davido is definitely one of the best dressed musicians in Nigeria, his dress sense is simple and yet classic.

We hope you can now see reasons to love Davido ?, not all A-list artistes can display this level of sanity with all the money and fame.

Got anything to add to the list ?, drop it below.

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  1. Wizkid is still better than devido 20billion because wizzy started provide money by his self and he does not wat for anybody.but devido just born and start spendind money.

  2. No matter what you write here it still can’t justify his attitude..
    He is very arrogant and heartless
    Wizkid is 15million times better than Davido
    Wizkid is a legend..
    Taaa a mtcheew..

  3. No matter what write here it still can’t justify his attitude..
    He is very arrogant and heartless
    Wizkid is 15million times better than Davido
    Wizkid is a legend..
    Taaa a mtcheew..

  4. Davido is clearly better than wizkid. Thank you for writing the trust. Also. The guy fine pass wizkid 100 times.

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