Wizkid To Build School In Every Country In African

Wizkid To Build School In Africa

Wizkid who recently announced his new jersey design collaboration with Nike goes on sale 10th September 2018 is back to the spotlight with a new initiate to uplift Africa

The Fake Love singer is promising to build school in every country in Africa. This initiative will be funded by proceeds from his new jersey sales

Surulere Lagos, Ghana and Benin Republic are some of the countries that has been named as his starting points.

Extracts from his tweet is below

“Using my own profits from this business partnership with Nike to build a school back home in Lagos. #Educationforeverychild.”

“I’ll need help from fans to pick where we start this. Trying to build a school in every country in Africa. That’s my dream. Surulere, Lagos, Ghana and Benin Republic,” the tweet read.”

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