Rudeboy (PSquare) – Fire Fire (Nkenji Keke)


Nkenji Keke

Rudeboy (PSquare) – Nkenji Keke

It is with no doubt that indeed our favorite boy band P-Square has broken up. Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy joins his twin brother Peter Okoye in releasing solo projects.

Rudeboy’s debut single is titled – Nkenji Keke (AsEDeyHot) or Fire Fire and you can download and listen below

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Nkenji Keke


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  1. Too bad, i was very disappointed & am still disappointed. Reconcile,forgive,forget & get back to your promised relationship. I’ll be happy to see both of you together once again.

  2. P/s my dear p squre u people shoul unit becus life is shot so u can say the is stell tame stop that becus d is a boss coming behend u call faraday facy a k a elkoro master

  3. Comment: pls united wl stand but division fall u guys should try nd b in unity again maka na owneghi ndi uso gburu n uwaa i really like u people unity pls any thing dat cause ds disputy try to resolve okay thanks

  4. Comment:peter nd Paul, pls remember the song titled story, how you guys were dancing nd so on. pls try nd reconcile bcos am missing your songs alot

  5. Comment:Psquare we love u guys n no matter d problem, it’s best ur together dan standing alone…d songs lacks d soundbeat of d oda party as each of u hv a unique soundbeat dt bringing it together mks ur songs a great hit.Nken ji Keke is lacking Peter’s soundbeat…..pls dnt allow sumfin small to shatter wt uv built fr so many years…..

  6. Comment : peter and paul the world is waiting to see u perform together as a team. no matter how well u guys think u can perform individually , u are best in Africa while u are together. iwe nwanne anaghi kwanu eru na okpukpu biko nuo. jude himself should try every thing possible to unit this wonderful twins .he is expected to be a unifying factor not the other way round.

  7. Comment:i Luv Ur Songo Bt It Could Av Bin Betta Dan If U Sang Wid Ur Bro. U Guys Shld Settle Ur Dispute.

  8. Comment:u guys should remember the first day u enter witout noting struggling living ain one room witout any wife or girl friend where r they when u guys are suffering it both of u ur wives should not b a break btw ur guys from ur debut album senorita till bank alert.

  9. Comment:peter and Paul;shame to u guys.go to old albums and make it a flashback of what made u guys whom u are today and see how far u have gone that not even ur wife’s or anything could dissolute u;WHAT AN INDISPENSABLE SHAME U KICK UPON UR SELVES? UR GENUFLECT BEGUN LOST TO FACE OF PEOPLE.ARTISTS AND UR RACE AT LARGE.MONEY CAN’T EVER BRING HAPPINESS AND LOVE BUT SELFISHNESS. U CAN OVER LOOK UR DISCREPANCIES. YES U CARE AND YES U CAN!!!

  10. what God has joint together let no man put assunder. since una separate ur songs no longer b outsanding, so may una get 2gether an enter studio give me one song.

  11. Comment:D benefit of a mother wish their mother is still alive at least she can put a stop to dis their wahala….u guys shld pls unite biko…..nice song thou#
    united we stand divided we fall

  12. Comment: God signed both of u, I don’t like the way u separate…. God will bring u pple back together.

  13. Comment: no matter what happen between u n ur twin brother, u guys should 4give urselfs n double up,it is always better two of u than one person,we are lookin up to u guys as our no 1 flag of Nigerian.waiting to c u n your brother

  14. Comment: it is not good to see two brother’s having dispute and controversies, it is unfair. I also want to be like you even though am an account upcoming musician that have nothing but anytime i hear your music, I am so excited.
    please reconcile and move forward.. defeat the devil and let the he be ashamed.

  15. Comment:I use to love psquard as my number one Nigeria musicians as they one brother and unit. but since they separated iam not Happy with them again bcos I don’t like them been separated.

  16. Comment:nice Jarm Ever ,i Love De Song,but I Wish U To Get Back Again ,you Guyz Hav Get Money Ad Being Popular That A Person Can Need In This World ,But Their Is A Thing In Life Deginity

  17. U guys Should stop ur fight don’t evenknow what wrong with u fighting asif u are children it painful to see a brother u grow up with in ur music stuff now that u guys have gotten what others are struggling for is now that u want to seperate pls reunit for ur fans sake pls (it really painful to see u guys seperate …am Short of words to express of8 how disappointed i am in ur conflict..check Bracket out they are friends not brothers. twins like u guys

  18. I dont blame them. Even in the studio they team upnand choose most of pauls song and video when its supposed to be just peter and paul only. I dont blame paul I dont blame peter, fight happens everywhere, I blame Jude for taking side in their fights, that makes paul thinks he is right (not judging paul) when no one is right.he was supposed to be a father figure in their stuff.

  19. a guys am from kogi state, am one of una real fans peter and Paul waiting come happened were be say una no fit settled una self since all did why, make each and every one of u should tell me now?.

  20. At least you guys should look at the life of BRACKET they are just a friend from Day one still now. Talk less of you twins, Please i begged you guys

  21. i can’t believe Mr.P aka Peter can sing like that ooo. imagine sweet and conscious songs being released rapidly. from Look into my eyes, Cool it down and For my head. omg.. its getting hot. the most that amazes me more the featuring that he is having and he proves extremely well. Paul my advice is that both of u guys should settle ur indifference bcoz You and Peter came together without no Jude, so pls remember the promised u gave to ur mother that u and ur brother will stay together forever no matter what happens. so pls remember your promise and call ur brother back. the whole world have proven now that Peter is not only a Dancer but also can sing. so lets each one of you forget ur indifferences and come together. we the fans we love u all.

  22. i know dat u guys wil com bk i peace again but u guys ar nw even going extra mile, selling ur properties,dats bad. u guys has family,grand n greatgrand children will stil com.u guys don’t want to keep anything for dem?dats bad oo. e no go better for dis person wey d set dis deadly fire o.

    • please I will be so glad if you guys can come back together cus am so sad about ur separation. just come back as one love you where before now.

  23. When a man is pushed to the wall lots of things happens, theyve had problem since he stated dating lola. Even in the studio they team upnand choose most of pauls song and video when its supposed to be just peter and paul only. I dont blame paul I dont blame peter, fight happens everywhere, I blame Jude for taking side in their fights, that makes paul thinks he is right (not judging paul) when no one is right.he was supposed to be a father figure in their stuff. Now lets see how jude works with paul. I still luv them all. After jude the next set of people to cause fight is the fans.they are now taking sides and hating…. i see them disliking their videos, but they cant stop any of their shine. stay out if you dont know whats going on.

      • Please, you people should stop this, what kind of juju has come over you guys? Remember, ndi ibeanyi si na abuo kamma karia otu. Why not one swallow his pride. Paul that your elder brother is not helping matter at all. I m ashamed cause this type of unprecedented is not part of us Igbos. Don’t really know why is bordering me. I don’t think I can buy the tire of one your motors but I believed that blood is blood. What would be the faith of your children in future. Jude do your work, remember your are the father in that family. Call your two brothers and unite them. You people will regret in future if such discrimination is restored thanks.

      • The worst is selling your duo property. Is unfair that people cannot without third party resolve your family difference. Wish there is a measure I can take I would have just for people to be together. But since I m looking from far let’s pray for God’s intervention


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