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Love, Lust, Prayers And Betrayal: A Review Of Adekunle Gold’s “Catch Me If You Can” Album



Adekunle Gold’s old face still shines in the dark – when he burst onto the scene with Sade, we all admired the genius he brought, a young innocent looking guy with an Obama hairstyle and an Adire pattern round-neck in Orente and Pick Up musical videos. A guy whose presence and music brings light and hope to our heart and send shivers down our spine.

Love, Lust, Prayers And Betrayal: A Review Of Adekunle Gold's Catch Me If You Can

Perhaps in order not to be stereotyped, the artiste has shown us the difference between Adekunle Gold and AG Baby and how both characters can cohabit inside one man- same artiste, same album, different musical themes. With his new album, Adekunle Kosoko has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that he is one of the most versatile Nigerian artiste of the 21st century, with his transition of singing about love and prayers to singing about lust, sex and drugs, what else can’t he sing about?

A Review Of Adekunle Gold Catch Me If You Can Album

The real magic about the 14 tracks album is in its arrangement and harmonious Afro-highlife melody which rings throughout the whole album. The album opens with the song titled “Born Again”, here, the artiste features the Ivorian singer, Fatoumata Diawara to inject her melodious voice on the acoustic guitar. In this track, Adekunle Gold talks about the certain things that once happened in his life, how he prioritized other people’s happiness above his own. He sings:

Man, i clock 30 and it dawned on me

I been living for people but me

such a shame i didn’t get it sooner’

In the latter part of the same track, Adekunle Gold informed anyone who wishes to listen that he is now a Born Again, a changed man and he doesn’t care about anyone that could hinder his progress. Sings:

‘I don find my voice, i go talk my shit, deal with it

i don’t answer to nobody, na me dey run my company, follow my lead or go” (Born Again, Adekunle Gold)

Having registered that in the mind of the listeners, Adekunle Gold pressed a step further to talk about his fears in the second track of the album ”Win”. He talks about how much he suffered, how his fans and music changed his life and why he wants to keep on winning ”in this life of sin”. With percussion instruments dominating and the slight resonation of the guitar, Adekunle Gold delivers this song with his baritone voice.

The most important thing about Adekunle Gold is not necessarily the intercourse between drums and guitar, it is his ability to deplore his deep understanding of the Yoruba proverbs and colloquialism as reflected in the lyrics like “Ma se mi, esu ma semi, omo elomi ni o se o, ki n shaye jeje, ki ma si ile te, oluwa cover me ki n ma mi lengbe” (off the prayer-driven track Ma se mi).

The mixture of pidgin English and Yoruba proverbs that reverberate throughout this album makes for a great listening. Every phrase or slang used by Adekunle Gold is a reflection of Lagos, a city which he holds dear to his heart.

After the first 3 tracks, Adekunle Gold used another half part of the songs in the album to talk about lust, alcohol and sex. From One Woman to Sinner to FYE ft Steflon Don, AG Baby talks about how he wants to have intercourse with his woman, get drunk, smoke trees and live a life full of sin. Lyrics like:

” Baby, I don’t kiss and tell, sho ma fo mi jeje? Your booty bounce, your body is a ten ten, Can i deep down in your ocean? Come and sit on my face, put your phone on silence. Others girl are tripping bout the way i make you scream loud in the kitchen. Don’t stop the music DO MI DO MI) (Off the lust-driven FYE)

Another amazing thing about Adekunle Gold is his ability to talk about sex with innuendos and metaphors without sounding vulgar and razz.

Listen to the album below:

The latter part of the album sees Adekunle Gold talks about his plans for the next stage of life – how he will prioritize his peace, keep dropping songs and how he won’t be bothered by anything anyone says about him.

Adekunle Gold is already stamping his authority as one of the A-list artiste with his storytelling and catchy, he is creating a kind of music that will soon garner huge continental appeal in a few years.

Rating 8.3/10

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1 Comment

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