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Lady Releases Alleged Nude Of Apostle Suleman, Says He Is A Womanizer (Video)



A lady named Stephanie Otobo has released a series of alleged nude pictures of Apostle Suleiman. The lady claimed that Apostle Suleiman is a serial womanizer who tried to kill her by poisoning her and sending hired assassins after her. It should be noted that this lady has once accused Apostle Suleiman of infidelity about 3 years ago.

However, the matter died down as the same lady later apologized to the renowned clergyman by saying she was sent to blackmail him. Still, several months after the apology, the lady has come up with more “receipts” against the Apostle. Watch video below:

Lady Releases Alleged Nude Of Apostle Suleiman, Says He Is A Womanizer (Video)

In a series of tweets, Stephanie claimed she had to apologize to Apostle Suleman because the clergyman was making uncomfortable for her.

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