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Ckay’s ‘Love Nwantiti’ Most Certified African Song In History



Love Nwantiti most certified African song

Ckay’s 2019 hit ‘Love Nwantiti’ is the most certified African song in history.

In 2019 ‘Love Nwantiti’ first appeared on Ckay’s extended playlist titled ‘Ckay The First’. Subsequently it was followed by five remixes after it became a global hit in early 2021.

His Spotify followers were also increasing as the song’s popularity continued to grow. As of late 2021, he had no fewer than 31 million followers, the highest number ever gained by any Afrobeats artist on Spotify. Likewise, the song boasts over one billion streams on Spotify, decorating it the most streamed African song in Spotify’s history.

‘Love Nwantiti’ has collected either gold or platinum certification (or both) in many big countries, including US, UK, France, Canada, and Australia. No other African song did this before. The only one that comes close is ‘Essence’, by Wizkid, which currently is 2x platinum-certified in the United States and only once in Canada.

Love Nwantiti most certified African song
Ckay on the set of ‘Love Nwantiti’s’ music video

Compared to ‘Essence’, ‘Love Nwantiti’ has received more platinum, and gold, certifications. According to Wikipedia, countries in which ‘Love Nwantiti’ is platinum-certified, in addition to the countries earlier mentioned above, are Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, and Austria.

In Portugal it is 4x platinum-certified, and in Canada 3x, making ‘Love Nwantiti’ the most certified African song of all time.

‘Ckay The First’, the EP on which ‘Love Nwantiti’ (original version) is, has recently emerged as the most streamed African EP across all platforms.

Congratulations to Ckay!

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