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VIDEO REVIEW: Idahams – Anything For You



Song: Anything for You
Artiste: Idahams
Record Label: Grafton Records
Genre: R&B/Afro-Pop
Purpose: Love Song
Video Duration: 3.28 minutes

idahams-anything-for-youLINK TO WATCH  VIDEO

Who is its target audience?

Youthful fans especially lovers. The video is hi-tech and favours other artist and producers as well.

What video techniques are used and how far do they meet the purpose of the video or not?

-Setting technique was appropriate
-Special effect was not necessary since it is a romantic story
-Choreography was not necessary but the dancers were good.
-Nice shots were taken at the right time.

How well do the visuals work with the music and how appropriate are they to the lyrics?

Very well. The visuals were in tandem with the music but for some minor flaws.
Like the way the lover lifted the loved and the intro were he first saw the girl (so unreal).

Is there a clear, original concept, storyline or hook? If so describe how well it meets the purpose of the video.

The story line is about love and how far a lover can go to prove that he loves the loved. However, the video did not really portray that.

What are the best features of the video?

-Nice beats
-Awesome location
-Good production
– Nice editing
-Lovely footage
-Perfect synergy
-Romantic story line
-Nice lyrics
-Rich and hi-tech video
-Superb crew

What are its least successful features?

-Poor chemistry between the artist and his vixen
-Poor Costumes
-Weak body language by the lead vixen
-The artist was too energetic for such a romantic story line
-Choreography was not necessary for the video and the dancers were not dancing to the beats.
-Make up was wacky
-The artist did not really do anything for the vixen as the lyrics portrayed. Thus, no correlation whatsoever.
-The intro was so wrong and inappropriate. It defeats the romantic idea…

If you were the director, what improvements would you make? Explain how you think they would better serve the music promoters’ purpose.

Before I start production, I will obtain opinions of colleagues, friends and fans. This will guide me in making the video to the taste of fans and in line with what is obtainable in the music industry.

Then I’d choose my team members and pick out the best of them. E.g. Vixens, Makeup artists, costumers, choreographers, editors, and production grew, etc. Using the best hands is not enough but working with people who are passionate and share in my vision to make an AWESOME video.

Also, knowing that the audio is a hit, I will spend more time to properly PLAN and shoot the video in the most efficient and effective way possible.
The goal is having a video that will outlive the audio.

I Rate: 3/5

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Disclaimer: The views and opinion expressed in this review are those of the author and does not in any way reflect the views of Novice2STAR

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