Yung Klassick – Sexual Vibe


Around this time last year, YUNG KLASSICK dropped the chart topping record BODY , it’s obvious the singer might just be ready for another feat with this X1 produced record titled SEXUAL VIBE.
Yung klassick has been an impressive character on the African music scene since the mammoth-sized successes of his releases..

Yung klasick who is also amongs Music legend Dbanjs new Artites Off His Cream Platform shows us on this Record He is here to stay..

On this new record, Yung klassick collects soft melodies and smooth sayings, serving them in the chilliest of ways such that the lines hit you while you are seeping in the groove. Yung klassick stuffs Complicated Sexual affection for a lady in between good sounds, leaving it for meticulous listeners to spot and learn from. With this song, he ratifies his status as a singer who serves materials with more than one use, while one can dance to his songs..

Yung Klasick’s ‘Sexual Vibe’ is a great piece. Bang on it below and share your thoughts.



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