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We get the diamonds from Africa and Davido buys them



“We get the diamonds from Africa and then David comes from Africa to America and he buys it back.”

These were the words from Zahir Jooma, one of the co-owners of ICEBOX, a popular American based jewellery store.

Apparently, Davido has been a regular customer for 8 years now as he claims in an Instagram video posted by tunde ednut.

The interesting twist to this post has been the message in the words of the icebox owner which were too sharp to let down the drain.

It wouldn’t take a wiz to realise the implication of that statement. In fact, it goes beyond Davido.

Here’s some responses from Instagram users:

The reality in the statement is not new to any true African. The wealthy ones live lush and spend on expensive consumer items abroad, such items that were cheaply exported as raw materials from Africa.

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