VIDEO: Nigerian singer Waje cries out! Says she’s broke and considers quitting music


Popular Nigerian singer Waje has cried out and said that she can’t afford to keep up with her music career.

The singer was seen in a now viral video complaining about her music taking the bulk of her investment, while other responsibilities like that of her child, Emerald’s school fees takes a toll.

The “In The Air” singer stated that she would like to drop music and consider alternatives for now.

“Maybe it’s fair to give it a rest and try other things for now; i couldn’t have released an album, after everybody have been shouting Waje, your last album was how many years ago, please we need an album. All the people that were shouting, where are they?”, She said.

She goes ahead to state that she doesn’t have the money for publicity, and that when she has things laid out for her, music takes the bulk and yields less, so she’s not willing to put money into it anymore.

Watch the video below:

It is very much known that the competition in the Nigerian music industry is fiercely animalistic. The number of hungry young up and coming talents are overwhelming and has revolutionised the system.

For the older talents, staying relevant means to up the game or keying in. Only a few have been proven worthy of such a feat, and many have fallen down the line with frustration.

We hope this wouldn’t be the case for Waje. If it is, we pray she finds a favorable alternative.

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