“Is what we practice our true religion?” – 2face asks Africans


The Nigerian Music veteran 2face Idibia is one who is quite outspoken about social and political matters. He recently sent out a strong message to Africans.

The singer took to twitter to hit Africans with some rhetorical questions that should leave every meaningful person from the continent thinking.

He tweeted: “Who are we? what’s our TRUE history? what has made us not 2 believe in our own things? why do we think BLACK is not BEAUTIFUL?
why don’t we value african things unless it’s validated by non Africans?
is what we practice our TRUE RELIGION? we need 2 unwash the brainwash.

These questions shed light on the true state of things in Africa currently. A case study from around the continent would prove most of them to be true, and solutions are evidently farfetched as a result of negligence.

Africans barely celebrate and promote ‘African’, and they seek foreign validation for almost every project they embark on – no matter how small.

In 2face’s conclusion, he spots the problem (Brainwash) and injects the solution to it (undoing the brainwash).

We need to get your say on the matter in the comment section below. Is 2face correct? What is the ultimate solution then? Don’t forget to share.

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  1. The problem of Africa is love. Without love for one another, there will be no room for unity. If Africa must move forward for we to reclaim our value, then we must be united as one people, one nation and consider all resources in Africa to be for the benefit of all Africa nation. Otherwise, we would keep revolving and restarting the same circle year in year out. Very little do we know how valuable we are to the world at large. There is no world without Africa, but there is Africa without the world. Every nation depends on Africa for survival, but Africans could not survive and build their territory due to lack of unity. This is what can be achieved in a round table within few hour by our head of states. The love for power and selfish interest is also part of our problem


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