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Face Off: Blackface Threatening To Sue Ruggedman, 2baba & Faze



Ahmedu Augustine a.k.a BlackfaceNaija has through his solicitors sent a warning letter to Ruggedy baba. The letter content was sent to advice him to avoid law suit and conflict of interest by making sure both 2face and Faze do not perform any of Plantashun Boiz songs at his concert which is scheduled to hold on the 25th September this year.

Over the years Blackface as never been shy at seeking redress from courts. He has a long list of fellow artist he has taken legal action against. A list which include Wizkid, Banky W, 2face etc. but now it seems another member is about to join that list.

Therefore, why is Ruggedman not extending invitation to Blackface knowing fully well he is one of the founding member of the group?

Ruggedy baba is a man who is well known for controversy ranging from using sarcasm to abuse people to face-off with authorities. So will see how this pine out.

Whatever the case, blackface still co-own the copyright to all Plantashun Boiz visuals and music. And it still remain in within he’s right to sue for infringement.

Lastly, it seems even after so many years, the bad blood, within the group members which has led to counter claims of various kinds is still very much alive. Now the battle line is drawn.

Will Ruggedman, Faze and 2Face yield his warnings or will go ahead?.

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