FULL STATISTICS: Comparing Rudeboy VS Mr P after Psquare Breakup – Who is winning?


FULL STATISTICS: Comparing Rudeboy VS Mr P after Psquare Breakup – Who is winning?

On 25th September 2017, PSquare became a history. The Nigerian duo after a series of controversies regarding their unity finally broke apart. This came as a shock to many Nigerians. Who could have thought that the same people who sang “Peter and Paul them be one no be two” ended up in separate ways by going solo.

FULL STATISTICS: Comparing Rudeboy VS Mr P after Psquare Breakup – Who is winning?

Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye after losing Globacom’s endorsement in February 2016 decided to path ways, closing down their jointly owned Square Records. The duo who has recorded 5 studio albums (Last Nite 2003, Get Squared 2005, Game Over 2007, Danger 2009, The Invasion 2011 and Double Trouble 2014) and banged over 41 awards destroyed their union leaving their 1,274,601 subscribers on YouTube to go solo.

FULL STATISTICS: Comparing Rudeboy VS Mr P after Psquare Breakup – Who is winning?

Barely two years after their break up, Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) and Mr. P (Peter Okoye) has shown resiliency as they battle to show themselves approved. Let’s take a look at what Rudeboy and Mr. P has achieved individually since they went solo.

FULL STATISTICS: Comparing Rudeboy VS Mr P after Psquare Breakup – Who is winning?


Rudeboy                   VS                   Mr. P

SUBSCRIBERS     RudeboyVEVO 426,139 MrPVEVO 165,219
MOST VIEWED VIDEOS Reason With Me – 24 M
Double Double – 11M
Reality – 10M
One More Night – 5.6M
Cool It Down – 4.9M
Ebeano – 4.3M  


Rudeboy                   VS                   Mr. P



Rudeboy                   VS                   Mr. P




Rudeboy                   VS                   Mr. P

FANS 2,432          808


With a close look at the above numbers, one can deduce who is winning between Rudeboy VS Mr P after the famous Psquare Breakup.

What do you think? Rudeboy VS Mr. P who is winning? Drop your comments below…



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  1. Comment:
    Yuroba`s like Mr p that`s why Mr ruddy chan`s Davido don`t interfer in my family, i belive the both Mr p & Mr ruddy now regret that breakup not now then, because Mr p sabi blaspheme & easy temper,Mr ruddy has try to sult it out on him the way i see it in the first place in music title chizoba which means God protect them.for me i want Mr ruddy to really really contiue with his (solo career) as well as Mr p the both are brother`s not friend`s,Despise it is siad when two brother`s are fightening it is regarded as worthless.e no mean say u no go seprete them just the way we guy`s do .but people like me go say leave them na them them cus na worthless

  2. Comment:peter and paul the be one no be two them both dey win
    pls is my desire that they should be one again


  4. Rudeboy fall hand i swear, Mr P left his football career just to be with his brother Rudeboy and Rudeboy failed him, thank God that Cameron is taking over from where MR P stopped in football

  5. You forgot to add the awards the got after breaking up, For Mr P is leading, I don’t just rate their music life, I rate their life both in and outside music, MR P have reached out to many souls more than Rudeboy, MR P is loved more than Rudeboy, so for me Mr P is the best

  6. those of you who are 4 mr p just increase your numbers to surpus rudeboys number of fans ,in that it will make sense to buy your argument ,but 4 now youre talking nonsense that even the numbers can laugh at you

  7. Comment: before u say something use ur brain
    and think twice, what i mean is dat,even rudeboy
    by him self,no that Mr p is ahead of him,if u think
    am lieing, u then ask r boy, because r boy surprise thinking when they separate everything is finish 4 Mr p, but thank God say man no be God, Mr p now keep in pressing him, left him with surprise so pls reason am well ooo I came in peace.

    • My brother you don’t know anything please. I am not saying this because am a fan of rudeboy but think well before you talk please.

  8. I so much love Mr p,he is so inspiring, rude boy is good,am not disputing that fact but Mr p is better than him in all aspects

  9. Comment: As known as “Lions dont compare demsfs to humans” so far mister pee is one (best) or u peo means of another rudeboy nat the twinbro of mr.p?? but dat is nat de deal mi dey prayin for, mind is “Plz G O D may u leddem (amean mr.p n rudboy) cum b*ak as Pee Square!” @big up 2 mr.p
    _iam @directorblackwell…4 more ask jesus! #_JUBA.SSD

  10. Comment:Wen they were 2gether i love dem both, but as they are not together i love rudeboy. but i want them to be back, i know many people are not happy since they breaktup, so i want them back so that everybody will be happy wit dem.

  11. Rudeboyz highest singer than Mr P .mr for ladies not for men Only Dancing ladies style stupid guy rude boys number 1 100%

  12. Comment:According to the above comparism King rudy has more fans than the so-called Mr.p,so rude boy is topping.It is very very downgrading when one compares rude boy with mr.p.The so-called mr.p should be compared with musicians like:Rema,lyta etc.[From benue state,vandeikya L.G.A, Mbajor council ward,gbagbongom villa.]

    • Hmmmm how come Mr P has more social media followers more than Rudeboy?? If Rudeboy is the best his fans supposed to be more than Mr P fans na

  13. Comment: I Don’t Know If Some Of You Know Real Music, Mr P Is Clearly I Mean Clearly Greater Than Rudeboy Because When They Together He Hadly Sang, Now As A Solo Artist, He Shine In The Whole World, Mr P Has Style, Swagg, Handsomness And More Talented, Comparing The Too Is Like Insulting The Great Mr P, Rudeboy Should Reason With That His Brother Is The Real King, Am From Cameroon If You Want To Revenge.

  14. Actually, am not happy in they way, Peter and Paul are no more together in music. So let us we as a fans of peter and Paul continue to comment on behalf of ourselves, to bring them back to the Nigerian, and most especially African Music and to the whole world. To keep Nigeria and African going (By Samuel Daniel).

  15. Them be won no be rivals, Pee Square imagine you were born twins go to schools twins and even to musik industry like that Y E T you guys want to split intoTwo..giv yuhsf One More Night and Reason With …… minds @iLovePsquare..re_embrace

  16. So u guys think u can brake people Haert and go free without cose right?? I love both of you guys so much but you guys for cut up by braking up P Square to Mr P and Mr Rude boy,dat is nonsense,i think u guys are mad or something else,infact noon of you guys are not the best, before I will be very happy for u guys is when you guys come back and bear the name P Square if not noon of you win the vote, thank you nonsence

  17. Comment: i love mr p just like my self mr p is a singer dancer an fashioned guy god bless u mr p and ur family cameron is my musician very soon

  18. It Is Only A Foolish Person That U Will Always Hear Talking Bad Against Others, Mr P Is Doing Well On His Own Part Rudeboy Also Beside They Were Brothers They Know How The Can Solve Their Issues Not For Some Mumu Like U To Come Out And Start Commenting Rubbish,most Of U Does Not Even Know How To Respect Ur Parient At Home Some Doesn’t Even Have Future Safe But Here Want To Decide Who Is Psquare And Unnon Psquare Learn To Wish Every Individuals Goodluck So That Someone Else Could Do Same To U

  19. Comment: Rude boy is just like a brain without him mr p will Not work properly he will always ending up in a dilapilated place

    • Pls, pls I like two 0f you not only that I still love you, if you come back to p square infant I will be very proud of you. Senior suppose know that am the senior, junior suppose know that am the junior, why are you fighting yourself ? Is not easy to be a man and when you be a man you have to mentain, in case if you read and understand this comment try help this boy. Am musician but no helper, will you help me p square ????? Pls, pls help to be musician, my number pls —08135643874

  20. in comparison u need to take into consideration every aspect of each individual. Mr P. is the best for dancing, while Rudeboy is the best for singing.

  21. Comment:Since dere separation av stopped watching or listening to them! Wen dey were together dey always gat me crying anytime I watch or listen to dem buh now damn!


  23. King rude boy is the winner because he can sing more better than mr.p but i pray that god should brig them together as one not two again becuase peter and paul them be one not two

  24. Comment:p square come back together u two was suppose to be the richest musician but just because of woman you two broke up i do not really understand what is going on between the two of you just come back together again and let the world Know the real psquare but to me none is winning because without dance music no get head and without music you cant dance so reunioun you are both talented

  25. Comment:p square come back together u two was suppose to be the richest musician but just because of woman you two broke up i do not really understand what is going on between the two of you just come back together again and let the world the real psqare but to me none is winning because without dance music no get head and without music you cant dance so reunioun you are both talented

  26. why do people keep saying that one of them is a better dancer?, it makes it look as if they both can dance, when the real truth is only one of them know how to dance, and his name is mr p; he can sing and dance at the same time, while rudeboy only know how to sing.

    • Both of them can sing and dance you’d know that if you’ve been following them long enough and watched their earlier videos
      The thing is one of them is a better singer(rude boy) while the other is a better dancer(Mr p)

  27. Being a biggest fan of psquare for 11 years…..since zen(before) the separation of group. i used to compare this twin brothers…who is the best….but i came up with a result “Rudeboy was the brain of the group.(psquare)” (No rudeboy No psquare) NB: am number one fan of psquare.

  28. ‘RUDEBOY’ has chewed up my heart and i cant feel for a girl de wey i do feel for ‘RUDEBOY’ I don’t want to talk of him because i cant stop i wish he could notice me. Rudeboy can not be compared

    • If you like your name should be peter pan liking Mr p doesn’t mean he’s better his song do not trend as well as those of rude boy and from the statistics shown above rudeboy won hands down as the categories in which Mr p exceeded rudeboy are of lesser significance than the other way round

  29. We the fans are the problem please let talk about unite not quality cos both of them are talented please we need u back.I love u both.

  30. There were a very good combo, i think the worst thing that happened to their musical careers was their seperation. it is evident that Rudeboy is better singer, while Mr P is the better dancer. They both are talented differently and made a goos team. I pray and look forward to their reconciliation.

  31. You can’t compare the two cos he all know rude boy stands to be the engine room of psquare records.and their breaking up made it obvious that rude boy is more talented lyrically,vocally,etc.

  32. Rudeboy is dope,musically talented n connects with the world n

    every age while Mr only connects with clubs n youth only so this is plainly lucid Mr can never reach even half of Rudeboy’s level in music

  33. Mr P takes another part of music style and beat, still making it hot on air
    U guys should stop comparing both of dem.

  34. Social media aside, Mr P is better. He has won individual awards and international recognitions and nominations.
    Rudeboy has more followers because he still uses psquare tunes and obviously forge or do copyright of psquare songs. But Mr P is cool, doing his own thing, different from psquare and he’s winning.

  35. You can’t compare The Ogah and his boys. Lol.. It’s obvious that Paul is a singer while Peter is HIS dancer.
    But no be say i hate peter but let’s just be realistic before una go talk say i say

  36. Rudeboy is my family Beeest. My children loves his songs. His Audio Money is No 1 on YouTube channel. I can’t stop wishing to meet You@Kingrudy

  37. I thought by now Mr P carry go don crash,
    useless citizens of a downgraded country; all of you who have commented, which of you is equal to one-tenth of Mr P’s finger? Why not allow them to live their lives when you have nothing to show yourselves? OK, you vs Mr P who is winning? Then rude boy vs Davido vs Burna boy who is winning? Useless jobless idiots.

    • It doesn’t always have to be about the fans, at some point you just have to think about yourself, what you really want, singing individually doesn’t mean that they stopped being brothers, they are men now, nolonger boys

  38. Rudboy has a competitive and wicked spirit,just like Lot in the Bible,and if care is not taking he will end up suddenly,in terms of rating both of them, Rudboy hurried Into business,but Mr P had patience,time will tell.His stage name is even bad as it is already.Thank u.No competition in destiny my friend do it own I do my own

  39. Both of them are good at what they are doing. But rudeboy has always been the heart of Psquare and he still maintained that beat and kept the fire burning. Rudeboy’s put more passion to his music, makes you want to listen to it all over again e.g Reason with me. Many guys/ladies are facing such today and the music goes a long way to teaching us to be patient, believe and don’t underrate anyone in life.

    I choose Rudeboy.

    • I luv both but I fink king rude boy is the best singer y Mr p is the best dancer….. God bless p square…………….

      Knerry 08027108703

  40. I don’t think any of them is winning. They are twins so staying apart is encouraging for both. I feel the two are loosing seriously.

  41. Well the both dude are good Mr p knows more about how to do music ojoro he knows the hook and corner were psquare money still in i think he is getting his pay on social network though king Rudy has d voice the two guys are talented but i give it up to king Rudy one on one king Rudy will Murtha Mr p but Mr p has d swag

  42. Comment:rudeboy is the winning and i also join hand and pray for them to become like brother and united again in jesus name amen i want mr p and rudeboy should be two forever no matter what happen betweem two of them i want them to have peace and became blood

  43. To me RUDEBOY was the voice of PSQUARE and he will always have the edge over his brother Mr P.


  44. I rate rudebiy above Mr p..I love psquare but rude boy is doing better than me p..orh my God,..what a lyrics n song..reason with me..

  45. If we must compare then i see mr p to be at the top because he does both the singing and dancing but if the two become one again it’s really gonna be good because unity is strength

  46. Stop this comparison you are destroying this family you creating envy .and envy is dangerous. Mr p is not musician is dancer while rudeboy is musician

  47. Well the both are good and God knows the reason y thy were joint together,, for singing and in dancing, but them in person refuse to know their usefulness, competition is not a bad thing, it help in growing a man, since the error have been made, I still accept them all. I pray for peace and unity among each of the family, Rude boy is raking high but in same position.

    • But I really want the two of them to come back to be one. I fellow p- square when I was a kid because of they do things together, I really imitate them back then but because of their separation I stop supporting them. I pray that God will bring back together once more

  48. Honestly speaking, Rude has been ahead, giving his more of a 9ja Artist than Mr P. But i seriously hate it sometimes when they are been compared. Just like here…Who is winning?…you definitely are not helping out at all…
    …las las sha na hustle you dey hustle…mtcheeew!

  49. I like the twins and i honestly think it’s pathetic to compare the two. How can you compare a dancer with a singer? They are both talented in their own way and they complement one another.

    • Nice one , an abobby from Port Harcourt
      If u want to ear my song . go to Google type abobby ft cozzy mozzy title poor boys cry we are crying for p square to come

  50. They are both Good,
    All I want and also pray for,
    is for them to come back as one .
    I miss u guyz llike mad.
    psquare.plssssss stop the fighting for God sake and for your mother’s sake, I no if she is to be alive this won’t be happening.
    I beg…u guyz are twin
    Plssssss ooooo.I cant wait to see you guyz sing together.

  51. All because of him he really did all for me, and now am so glad of becoming a illuminati member, i am now rich and wealthy. Thank you Mr Johnson For your support. Illuminati is a great and powerful means to get popular in life. So if you really wants to be like me today contact his email him at_Whatsapp (+2349066062611) Email: mericoillumenatiworld10@gmail.com

  52. Unhealthy Comparism these brothers seperate no bcos all of them sabi sing well, but bcos of disrespecting one another, so why are u comparing them, if the respect is back they will come back again,

  53. Please people should stop comparing the two cuz all fingers are not equal one must better than one let pray for unity again Peter and Paul them be one no be two.

  54. this poster sounds nuts to me, full comparism and you dont put there winning award, it doesnt take a genius to know where you are coming from, and by the way, where the hell do you get this stupid idea of comparism, is there break up feeding you well, i think you should get a real life and stop feeding on others probs

    • All because of him he really did all for me, and now am so glad of becoming a illuminati member, i am now rich and wealthy. Thank you Mr Johnson For your support. Illuminati is a great and powerful means to get popular in life. So if you really wants to be like me today contact his email him at_Whatsapp (+2349066062611) Email: mericoillumenatiworld10@gmail.com

  55. Sure it’s good to go solo, break up from a really famous group and see what you can do and achieve by yourself ! Though, a better idea is that they simply….. STAY IN THE GROUP AND NEVER EVER BREAK UP EVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Who is winning ?! Ask someone who cares, which would be really stupid for caring ! Peter and Paul even said they’re one not two ! PSquare, The Most Influential Duo in Africa !

  57. Rudeboy is the winner am also enjoying his new track> reason with me if I no get today I go get am tomorrow I done mind playing dis track day and night, ma called tone ma ringtone also ma message ringtone. Best of u Rude boy? but am not really happy on u guys?

  58. I am from anambra state in awka north local government area, village :ugbene village, my name is Alex but my full name is chukwu aluka onyebuchi Alex.

    Rude boy is the best, far better than his elder brother called Mr p, I love rude boy so much, everything about the guy inspired me, king rude boy is the best and the winner

  59. Well, I believe everything have it’s season Mr p has collect two award rudeboy none
    They’ve hits
    Mr p Ebeano
    Rudeboy reason with me

    More songs to come oo
    Team Mr p

  60. Rude boy winning, if theyz disrespect each they can not come together, go rude boy go give us latest hit song, with your beautiful voice

  61. Useless to compare them. Instead of working to bring them together, you are here comparing. Africans are always happy with destruction. I love to listen to them together than been in their separate ways.

  62. Meanwhile Mr.P opened his vevo yrs before Rudeboy opened his after releasing his two singles Fire Fire and Nkemjikeke.

  63. Rudeboy @iamkingrudy is feeling while Mr.P Peter is bleeding but together as Psquare they were a phenomenon.

    Musically Rudeboy @iamkingrudy and Mr. P Peter are not on the same level, Rudeboy is far far better and I advise that people should stop comparing the two.

    • They are one, no two. They remained the same. God should bring them back. The God who keep them in the same wombs, born same day, same mother, same father, will not let the devil rule over. God bring them together again, they are in trier hours God don’t let them down. U


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