“I don’t Need My Manhood, I Cut it Off” – Bobrisky Reveals


Nigerian social media influencer, Idris Olarenwaju, popularly known as Bobrisky , has made it known to the general public that he has gotten rid of his manhood.

According to Bobrisky, he has gotten rid of manhood because he does not need it.
In his word he wrote,

“Okay, let me help you all, those of you asking where is my (manhood) I don cut am since. What would a fine girl like me be doing with a gbola. I hope I have answered all your questions.”

When asked if he felt pain during the process, he said, ”small pain.”

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  1. He has a very small dick and he is ashamed of it. Is good for him and he will start cutting the rest of vital part of her. This is d beginning

  2. IDRIS , did I hear you say you have no dick …. So all this while you have sex with me and I had 2 male children, you have been fucking me with toothbrush? Keep quite bf I go public and unmask you 100%.

    I am tired of your shit.

  3. Cut which manhood ? You mean your penis? Laye … Jigbiti…. Go nude & convince Nigerians & Global Citizens. ….. Lacky … You wey don’ pregnant women tire, ….. Kai Idris Risky …. Okuneye Shameful … … Pasa baki originals. … Any Way Keep Fooling your self ,,,, my worry is that you will soon blame Satan wey dey him own je je …… BYE IDRIS RISKY

  4. No big deal, he has his life to liv, its just a life style,if his hapy wit dat, so be it, he has more female hormones in him, its nt his fault, stay hapy, n, lifted

  5. Let’s pray for him. There is nothing too hard for God to do. May he have encounter with God and I kw he will never remain the same

  6. Clown,that doesn’t make you near female human being not even female animal.You are a wasted creation that God in the Bible said He regretted creating.

  7. Bobrisky is a mental wreck who has no place in Nigerian society.
    I think he should be locked up.
    What if many other children follow the path of this mental patient?
    I think he is a danger to society.
    God punish Satan!

  8. Hmmmm a man that have cursed God always end up in hell. Bobiski abi waiting them dey call you? A time is coming when you will find death and you will not see it. Altering what God created is like half dead

  9. Haha haha Bobi Bobi,…. When will you stop lying for god sake.. To still da brag Shey. Naija go soon disown you. “you cut your manhood” and so fucking what? Bad influencer! End time!

  10. He has been given up to a reprobate mind and his end is going to be hellish, he will call for death and death will not come soon. Anyone reading my words today should mark it for posterity.

  11. Why is this defiant given much publicity, no doubt he has mental disorder that requires urgent attention. I feel bad for him because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  12. It isn’t true. This guy during an interview had shown his false breast & false bum. My fear is those unguided children may believe & may start cutting their private parts. The government should please intervene quickly to stop the negative issue that may arise from this lie before we begin to lose our innocent children

  13. The people I blame is the press who give this shameful excuse for an offspring relevance by writing about him, I wish the same people who stopped his so called birthday will put a ban on any media (print, electronic and digital) talking about him her, that’s the major way to kill this lunacy and save our young people from his evil campaign. Shame on you, I wonder if you have parents or you have killed them with your madness. Mtcheeeeew.

  14. Waiting u for give person take do better since u no need u con go waste am… Na dat same God wen give u the dick go still punish u… Idiot

  15. This guy don’t know how to lie, don’t forget few months ago after he made this statement, he was on live video with Anita Joseph when he said to her that his prick is rising because of Her, which one should we believe.

  16. Bobrisky is not correct…what do u expect to hear the truth??? It’s all part of the game so journalist can have a job to do and get busy at least… u no wan bloggers to chop? Na wa for una!!
    For Someone who sold his soul to the devil there is no way you can get truth out of his mouth, because d Bible says devil is the father of lies.. so what do u expect his kids to do ??? It’s lieee naaa..You even need to check the good morning they greet because it may just be a bad morning for you.
    Bobrisky… I believe y still have a bit of humanity in you which God can change…it never too late until it’s late( you are dead)
    You can still be used of God if you truly give Ur heart to Jesus. If God can change a killer like Saul of Tarsus and used him, and a Rejecter like Peter who Rejected his master who dined and jisted with him and was even fed by the Lord himself, He healed his mother In-law at one time, yet Peete denied Jesus…that he doesn’t know him.. but yet Jesus forgave him and he peter accepted this forgiveness and Today we hear his story and read the script he wrote. he has been so popular from over 2000 yrs ago till now and the whole world knows himso ….Bobrisky do you think yours will be different? God will surely wipe yr sins and forget u ever transformed and use u in a might way to reach the pple all over the world. Anybody that hears Bobrisky is bornagain will break down on his/her knees and weep and repent of dia own sins and give Thier heart to Christ staright away… Bob risky God loves you. Give him yr heart and the rest will be history.

  17. I don’t believe him,though I ve seen pics of him in skimpy dresses that shows no bulge around the pubic but she – males knows how to pack very well so much that even in tights u won’t notice or see any bulge.

  18. Comment:like seriously ? what if as a lady I needed a man hood how is it possible? if your was so easy to be removed?pls stop all this fake lies

  19. Cut it off jare..what are you doing with it when you have recreated yourself a woman…at least you are now the latest creator..shameeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. Cn he show his naked picture wt a pant so that we ‘ll see the fact, anybody who call him hero, thunder wey no get mama and papa na e go fire that person, Amen

  21. I pity u, hope u keep it in a refrigerator, when u need it u put it back. May God forgive u. Don’t die unrepented. To avoid hell fire

  22. How are u going to do that,l like ur style because u chose to live a different lifestyle u are hero of ur time and history maker u are.


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