The Battle Line Is Drawn, MI Abaga VS Vector: Who Will Win This Diss War?


Over the years beefs between two major rappers have always lead to production of great diss tracks. Some have sometimes gone beyond production of music and lead into blood shed. The most famous of it all is one between Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G which later led to the death of both artist.

Now, Nigeria might be ready for a major one with MI Abaga on one side, and Vector the Viper on the other side.

The beef between this two rappers began with A.K.A tweet during the Xenophobic attack in South Africa. Why MI gave his support to the South African rapper, who was been trod by Nigerian musicians. This show of support did not go well with Burna Boy and Vector. While vector called out MI and dissed him.

MI responded to this weeks later with the production of Martel Cypher II The Purification,” Featuring Blaqbonez, Loose Kaynon and A-Q.

Now, Vector has responded releasing a fiery diss track directed at M.I called “THE PURGE ” featuring Payper & Vader as a response to M.I Abaga.

The bone of contention is, is it real hatred demonstrated through what they know how to do best, or just another marketing stunt to give hype to Rap music which seems like a dying music genre in Nigeria?

All in all, it will help rap lovers decides who is better between the two rappers. As many of the genre lovers have been comparing the two artist, unable to decide who is better between them. This beef will help fans know who is the real king of Nigeria rap, and who’s got the best vibe.

But like every duel, there is always a winner and a loser. But who’s gonna win this rap battle?

Vote for who you’re rooting for.

MI Abaga VS Vector: Who Will Win This Diss War?

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Who is going to win this #Rap Battle Vector or MI?



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  1. M.i is a god…
    His lyrics are just too dope and not corny or spiced up in Yoruba all d time like Vector’s..
    I love Vector but pls M.I got all of us interested in rap here in Nigeria..his punchlines are legendary,his deliveries superb..
    I can quote a line from every Mi song..
    Take for a example “Represent ” ft Brymo,ice prince and Jesse jagz
    “Cause I rock Dior,I’m a Christian
    I only like girls,I’m a lesbian
    Loving all the drama, i’m a thespian”
    Wait,let me as y’all a question”

    Or is it “one Naira” ft Waje?

    “Guess who’s gonna be my baby mama?
    And my wifey (you), precisely
    Cause u loving me when nobody liked me
    U feeling me when nobody hyped me,
    So when the money comes,u gonna be beside me”
    Or is it “Feeling it” ft Banky W
    “U don’t need no umbrella baby let my love drown u
    Be my rihanna,I can never Chris brown with u”

    Can we boast the same of any of viper’s songs?
    Mi’s songs are deep mehn…
    Vector should rest His father..that’s what the short,black boy is.
    I rest my case.

  2. M.I is like Jay-z…he raps, everybody loves him and can relate to his lyrics.

    Vector is like Nas…he’s respected in the hood as the stronger one. But in the international world, dey see JayZ.

    Mode 9, is like KRS-1…We’ve not really tested his might but he has a rap as king of the hood. Most likely due to old legendary victories.

    In this beef, Vector will keep giving jab shots in slow pace, while MI will wear him out with plenty cheap shots.

    Vector goes straight to the point but doesn’t talk often.

    M.I talks small small but keeps talking plenty. So his plenty small small talk will eventually kill Vector’s little big talks.

    Except Vector becomes consistent and MI also start punching directly.

  3. You guys know nothing about hip hop mi his a rapper but not a good lyricist..mi his not in vector’s level. Mi his like jay z while vector his like nas…

  4. vector the monstar……..
    if you ave anyproblem with me ,meet me dont twit me it will be nice too see yur puzzy mouth….
    ah all so like mi,abaga ,,, but ,sorry, v e c, iz tha real son…..

    king kong ……………………

  5. Every unbiased individual who knows what rap is all about, will always go for Judo aka M.I Ababa. His rhymes and punchlines are like no other. Vector is just a school boy where M.I is. Vector himself knows that.

  6. Firstly this wasn’t about the Xenophobic Comment. The beef has been a long time something.

    M.I is only more successful, doesn’t mean he os better than Vector. Drake is successful compared to most rappers in the world doesn’t also make him good.

    Vector wins.
    NB : both are great rappers

  7. Who ever wrote this article did not do his research well. MI Abaga made that comment on the south killing it based on rap long before this xenophobic attack. MI has in no way supported xenophobia.
    On who is the best, MI Abaga of course, MI Abaga has been for long the best rapper not only in Nigeria but the entire continent of Africa. Well acclaimed by world rappers and true rap fans. He is poetic and prophetic in his rap, he has the ability to say things to come in rap like Baba Fela. MI Abaga, was born to rap. He can rap to everything, Even JayZ respects him. MI Abaga you to much. After you na you. No close comparison.

  8. M.I should go get himself a casket upfront cus TESLIM would definitely make sure he meets his Demise…Awon eyan Lafiaji ✌✌

  9. M.i should go get himself a casket upfront cus TESLIM would definitely make sure he meets his Demise….Awon eyan Lafiaji ✌✌

  10. They are both good rappers buh MI Abaga has been the head always the head like nigas sucking vagina…… VEC on the other hand is also very consistent but MI is exquisite because he’s lines seems to always connect and he has this way too way to spit his lines


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