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“Another Story” A Political Statement From Burna Boy For Independence Celebration



burna boy another storyEvery song always have a theme, which is a cumulative of the central idea or the message the song is passing across. This theme gives a general idea of the mood of the writer or lyricist as at when writing the song.

The song Another Story by Burna Boy contains Lyrics that demonstrate the political frustration of average Nigeria’s about the state of the nation.

A little peep at some of the line making up the lyrics and its implications :

“Since 1960, dem (politicians or elite) dey play us (People of Nigeria) wayoo (tricks)”

The statement above gives the history of Hanky-panky games the elite plays with the electorate’s emotions

“E dey paini me gaga oooh, E dey paini you gaga oooh”

This indicate Burna Boy’s feelings for his people as a voice to be heard and as a symbolism for all Nigerians.

“Dem dey promise and fail, Dem won tell you another story oooh, chei we go dey cry forever more?”

These, he uses to say, the politicians have no truth in them. And a call to action for the electorates.

The visuals too, is a master class that begins with the history of how Nigeria was named and formed. Giving insight to understanding Nigeria as a complex state with different nations. Also included are the political parties emblems among other things. While the black background of the video States the general mood of the Nigeria people.

Most important of all is that the visual was released a day to Nigeria independence day. As it cast black cloud on the mood of celebration by the people, giving them something to think about.

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