MI Abaga Tells Akon To Chill For Calling Wizkid ‘Lil Bro’ (See Twitter Reactions)


Wow! Wizkid and Akon Perform Together in AfroNation Ghana (Photos)Following Akon and Wizkid‘s performance at the AfroNation Ghana on Saturday – Akon took to twitter to congratulate Wizkid for their performance and along the line tagged Wizkid as ‘Lil bro’ and MI Abaga is not having any of that.

This single statement has caused an uproar from Nigerian rapper M.I Abaga who thinks calling Wizkid Lil bro was disrespectful.

In his words; he said; “OG abeg chill with that lil bro yan

Twitter users have trooped in their numbers to disagree with MI Abaga for thinking Wizkid and Akon were ever on the same level – some have even dogged out a 2012 and 2014 tweet where Wizkid called Akon a big bro.


MI Abaga continued to give more reasons why he said what he said;

Do you think M.I was right about this – Are Akon and Wizkid on the same level ? – drop your comment below.



  1. Both of them are not on the same level. According to our African culture, Akon is older and he can call wizkid lil bro. Nothing wrong there. Apart from that, Akon is a Philanthropist and has done, I better say hes spending a lot for his people back home. Read about him. Wizkid is not so far. Let’s be honest, Akon is a big brother to Wizkid.

    • I am disappointed in U MI abi na wetin b ur name. Bad belle, rebellion proud dude. I no dey even play your songs as ppl no dey request am for gigs…olote…

  2. Na pride dey kill Nigerian sometimes, even if wizy Get pass akon, respect comes first, akon senior wizy for age, all of us know say na so Americans dey talk atimes and anoda tin be say if u fuck up wit American artist, just remain for africa o, bcos ……………..


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