Coronavirus: Total Lockdown Of Cities In Nigeria May Not Be The Perfect Idea (Here Is Why)


Considering the incessant requests by some Nigerians to Government to issue Directives to restrict Movements, trade and all Vocational and business activities. This might sound like the perfect Palliative measure to substantially suppress and curb the rampaging menace of the Corona Virus.

Just last week the Federal Government issued a national directive to close down all institutions and also all NYSC Camps which to me was an okay effort. It still doesn’t change the fact that we have a reactive and non proactive Government.

I wonder how travel bans wasn’t placed after the first case of the Italian who first contacted the disease. All other efforts was a travesty of sincerity as the major cases were individuals who traveled to the country from affected countries such as UK, Italy, China and U.S, our government still look unconcerned about the porousity of our airports and other commercial places.

Now, a new case reoccurred because of the porous nature of our airports. Why on earth are these flights authorized? What exactly are they going out of the country to do at this point in time?, and what exactly are they coming in to do? These are critical questions our Government has yet to answer.

Back to the agitations by some well meaning Nigerians for the government to place a total lock down as done in other countries like Italy and Russia.

First of all, Nigeria is not ready for the responsibilities that follow. Hunger and poverty has killed more Nigerians than the virus itself. How many Nigerians can stay at home for 2weeks and be able to fend for themselves and family? How many can boast of electricity, How many live in comfortable apartments and well ventilated rooms? The answer is not far fetched. With all of these happenings, you will agree with me that a total city Lock Down is tantamount to starvation and imprisonment.

Secondly, placing bans on religious centres but allowing clubs to function is a Juxtaposition of  Common sense and Ignorance. Nigerians are religious people and it is one of the reasons the people feel hopeful in a hopeless environment but this doesn’t justify the fact that a large crowd is dangerous at this point.

What has the government really done to show enough seriousness in this times? When Legislators are still having international flights into the country and evading Screening and reporting to the National Center For Disease Control (NCDC).

The Only problem we have to tackle now includes Proper Sensitization on the virus because many persons are almost totally ignorant of the virus.

Also, Most of the cases of the virus are those who are traveling into the country and not enough is done at the airport to force them to screen and confirm their health status. Stigmatization might be one of the reasons for evading tests and screening but proper sensitization can help quell the damage and create an alertness among the people.

Then, Materials such as Hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves should be distributed to places such as banks and markets to help the people protect themselves.
Transport companies should minimize the number to stipulated numbers and face masks, Sanitizers and gloves should be provided at transport parks as well.

If the necessary things are not put in place, a total shut down might not be the best solution instead we might end up having restiveness and other vices. Proper sensitization is needed because it might lead to other vices.

The Only places a total lock down is really very urgent are the most Affected States such as Lagos and Abuja. The unaffected states as a matter of immediate effect should start an aggressive sensitization about the virus and how to go about containing the spread rather than a lock down of commercial activities while the main things are left unaddressed.

As it stands, the country has over 40 recorded cases Nationwide and it is increasing as the days passes if the necessary things ain’t done with immediate effect, May God help us.




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  1. It a good Idea to lock down the city because when this begging this person that comment won’t be there anymore and we all knows that there is no good treatment instrument in our lab right so what you wanna prove that is not ok just tell we gonna just die all Nigeria be wise let the city lockdown please oo 😥😥😥


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