5 Observations Since The Coronavirus Outbreak In Nigeria

These are very keen observations that has been witnessed since the very first confirmation of the outbreak in February 2020 in Nigeria. I present to you five striking observations witnessed from the very first Incidence till date.

1. The Populace Are Ignorant Of The Virus.

Most Nigerians are Ignorant of the virus and so the Panic from the outbreak is not equivalent to the kind of effect and threat the virus actually poses. Ebola virus that plagued Africa about 5 years ago was a lot more devastating and fatal than the Coronavirus which has a less mortality rate compared to Ebola that killed over 11, 658 deaths from the 3 of the worst hit countries I.e Sierra leone, Liberia and Dr.Congo.

The panic especially in Africa is actually much than the actual knowledge of the virus. Many people just press the panic button and spread so much falsehood about the Virus and ultimately live in fear. The only scare it posses is it’s faster spread rate. Over 113,000 persons have recovered globally in over 461,000 cases worldwide and many more that will be recovered from it.

In Nigeria, Six (6) additional cases have been covered to make it 8 including the Italian making the total cases out of the overall 51 confirmed cases.

2. The Aged Stand More Risks

The huge scare is among the elderly 60 and above. They stand a higher risk of Death than The Younger population. The Mortality rate among the Younger population is below 1% Mortality rate. The first recorded death of Corona virus in Nigeria was was a 67-year-old man who came back to Nigeria in March after undergoing medical treatment in the UK, the NCDC said in tweet.

Most of the cases in Nigeria are those who are more elderly statistics say. Why the virus has a higher mortality Rate in Italy is simple, because 23% of their entire Population are 65years and above according to recent Health statistics.

3. Our Leaders For The Umpteenth Time Failed To Show Good Examples.

Our Government failed to act fast as usual and that proved to be costly. After the First case, we expected the Government to tighten and possibly place travel bans especially on air travels but they refused and were traveling overseas recklessly.

Even as at 2 days ago, over 35 Lawmakers came into the country and evaded screenings by the NCDC at the airport. It was confirmed that 10 of them were positive. Most of the Confirmed cases are Government Officials who traveled out. In total, most of the cases confirmed are recent travelers into Nigeria and the few who had contacts with them.

To crown it, most of them go overseas to get medical treatments thus neglecting our medical system. I believe they have met their Waterloo and will learn the hard way afterwards. They failed to provide any of the protective materials. They have been nonchalant and careless.

4. China is Proving To be the Next World Power.

China was the first to record cases of the virus and is the only to record the Most recoveries. It is obvious the Chinese workaholics relentless for their efforts in getting the vaccines. The Chinese Billionaire was able to provide medical equipments to all other countries of the globe and provide efficient support to Countries in Africa including Nigeria. While the rest of Europe and America are still struggling with the virus.

Total number of deaths recorded in China were over 6,708 which is not even one quarter of their total population of about 1.386 Billion people according to their recent census figures. Only 3.8% were affected.

5.The NCDC Is Doing A Good Job.

The National Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) has been so active and efficient. They have online services, Call lines, Centres across the Nation and gave efficient services and Quick responses to all its platforms very well. If not perfect we can say near perfect. They handle the statistics and give the perfect figures daily on social media.

Only if they were properly funded by Our Government, they could had done even better and kept the virus thoroughly at bay. We hope the figures of cases reduce to a total decimation.

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