Juliet Ibrahim Gets Backlash Over Comment On Tory Lanez’s Live Video

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has come under Criticisms on social media after she came  under Tory Lanez‘s comment section of his Live video to say “If This Was An Africa Artist Live, I’ll Be Seeing Account Numbers All Over The Place”.

Twitter users as usual have resorted to vent their spleen on her with unprintable names, See some Reactions;

Although, it has increasingly become a trend for social media users to resort to begging Our celebrities for money and call for them to be doing giveaways. She only stated the obvious but it seems Nigerians and Africans in general don’t like the truth.

You can recall that Tory Lanez “Quarantine video” had been temporarily banned for sometime by Instagram.It seems the drama is not yet over.

Do you think she said anything wrong?



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