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COVIDIOT: Zlatan Says He Doesn’t Believe Coronavirus Exists (Watch Video)



Zlatan is the latest celebrity to share his views on the coronavirus outbreak. The Zanku singer said he doesn’t believe coronavirus exits.

Over the past 3 months, the world is in total lockdown due to the deadly pandemic Covid-19 – thousands of people die everyday with another thousands being infected by the virus. Newspaper, blogs, TV station are all spreading the news about the virus and how deadly it is, and yet some group of persons still share their disbelieve of the existence of the virus.

Zlatan joined producer Bankulli on his Instagram live video yesterday and while they were having a conversation, the Zanku singer spoke about his cancelled London show and how he doesn’t believe the coronavirus exits;, He was cut short by Bankulli and wasn’t allowed to say why he believed so;


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COVIDIOT: Zlatan says he doesn’t Believe Coronavirus Exists #zlatan ##bankulli #Covid19 ##coronavirus ##novice2star

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