Alleged Rape: Police Denies Detaining Seyitan Who accused D’banj of Rape

D’Banj & Seyitan

Police has spoken up on the alleged abduction of Ms Seyitan, according to the police force, Seyitan was invited for questioning over the rape allegation against D’Banj.

Few weeks ago, we reported that the IG Of Police Orders Probe Of D’Banj Over Rape Allegation.

Acting upon this instruction, The Force Criminal Investigations Department (FCID) has began the investigation of the rape allegation over D’Banj made by Seyitan Babatayo.

Recall that the musician was invited for questioning in Abuja. New investigations however reveals that Ms Seyitan has refused to show up in Abuja for questioning on three separate occasions.

According to a police source, It was for this reason the FCID sent officers to Lagos to invite the accuser for questioning.

It was of ultimate importance for her to have come forward for interrogation having made the allegation to solidify her accusations and since she did not, hence officers were sent to get her statement.

The source further revealed that investigations are still going on as regards the rape allegation.

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