Omah Lays ‘Bad Influence’ vs Naira Marley’s ‘Bad Influence’- Which Is A Better Jam?

Omah Lays 'Bad Influence' vs Naira Marley's 'Bad Influence'. Which Is A Better Jam?
Omah Lay vs Naira Marley

If you had to choose between Omah Lay‘s ‘Bad Influence‘ and Naira Marley‘s ‘Bad Influence‘, which will it be?

Naira Marley – Bad Influence

So last year, 2019, Naira Marley released his single, ‘Bad Influence‘ off his ‘Bad Influence‘ album.

This was just few months after he was released from the EFCC custody.

The song talked about the ills of the society and how the citizens of this great nation are being handled nonchalantly by those in authority.

It further goes to talk about how they constantly do everything to make the youths unhappy and hos they see him as a “Bad Influence” to the youths for his music.

Quotable lyrics include:

“Kill them with the sauce
Kill them with the success
Kill them with the smile
Kill them with the noise
Kill them want the joy

“It kills them that you’re happy
They said I’m a menace
They said that im a menace to the society
They said that I’m a bad influence
They said im a bad influence to the youth them

“But the government dont have nothing for us
Is like they trynna kill all of us
Cant smoke, cant drink, cant eat with us
Members only, you can’t hang with us

To be honest, this is the most meaningful song from Naira Marley and it was a hit.

Omah Lay – Bad Influence

Omah Lay on the other hand released his ‘Bad Influence‘ this year off his ‘Get Layd‘ album.

The song, obviously a “love gone wrong” situation talks about how he has fallen deeply in love with a lady who ended up hurting or maybe leaving him.

He also went on stating how he did everything for her and how the effect(s) of her actions on his mental and physical well being.

Quotable lyrics include:

“See you don burst my eye glass
You don scatter my plans
See my eye I don pass
You put me for ambulance
See what you made me, bitch
See what you made me be
See what you did to me
God save me please

“I know you got me now
I know you got me now
I know you got me now
Followed you up and down
Followed you up and down
Followed you up and
Now I don loss my mind
Now I don loss my mind
Now I don loss my
Now I know you lie
Now I know you lie
Now I know you

Both songs sends down a lot of messages to listeners as they are reflections of our day to day lives.

But which would you say is a better song? Tell us your choice below.



  1. Basically according to the title of both songs “Bad Influence” ..Naira marley lyrics really brought out something happening in the Nation and he said all we knows about our leaders…I choose Naira Marley as the best jam🔥🔥🔥

  2. Between Naira Marley’s BAD INFLUENCE and Omah Lay’s BAD INFLUENCE I can easily say that both of them are good but have different meanings. Looking at NAIRA MARLEY’S album it states the difficulties that we Nigeria’s are facing in our country due to bad governance and poor economical revenue in our country.
    Omay Lay’s album stating about love issue is quiet different from Naira Marley’s album. Omah Lay’s BAD INFLUENCE is telling us how Omah Lay’s girlfriend broke his heart and live him and move on with her life.
    So I prefer Naira Marley’s BAD INFLUENCE than Omah Lay

  3. Niara Marley bad influence is a good jam because he’s talking about the government
    And what we facing in the country.


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