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8 Noticeable Signs She’s Into You



Signs To Show She’s into you

If you’re like most guys, being able to read the signs a girl sends when she likes you has proven to be an elusive skill. How can you see and read these signs? Well, you can. That’s if you know what you’re looking for.

You can tell if she’s really into you. Most if not all girls send signals to guys they like. Some of these signals may be unconscious, others deliberate, you can spot and read these signs regardless.

I’ve outlined 8 signs she shows when she likes you

1. She Plays With Her Hair

She Plays With Her Hair

This one is the most common way to tell she likes you. It has been proven over time that women unconsciously fiddle with their hair when trying to flirt.

One of the features that accentuate her feminity is her hair. When she touches it, she tries to ensure the hair is in place and good enough to attract people – especially you.

Like I said earlier, it’s mostly an unconscious act, she doesn’t realise she’s doing this most of the time.

2. Making Eye Contact

She makes eye contact

Looking at something is one way to show you like or are interested in the object of focus, abi? Well, this is quite complicated with the womenfolk. When a woman makes eye contact with you, the notion would be that she’s probably into you.

This is always not the case. The romance industry has taught women to do the following when they’re into a guy: “Make eye contact with him, hold it for a couple of seconds and let your lips part in a smile, slowly take your eyes away from him, so as not to create the impression that you’re staring.”

Women usually do this, but you should be a bit careful here. Just because she gave you the look and smile, doesn’t mean you should jump at the supposed green light. You have to be sure the look is targeted at you and not some dude sitting close to you.

The shy girl wouldn’t be able to hold the eye contact for long, she’d just sneak a peek at you and look immediately away when you look at her. If she does it one too many, then know for a fact that she likes you.

3. Her Voice is Raised

Her voice is raised

One thing a girl who likes you would want to do is get your attention. To get you to notice her she’d talk a bit louder than she usually does. One way to be certain she’s into you is if you observe she’s gotten a bit more active and tries to get your attention at the slightest opportunity she gets

4. Her Body Language

Her body Language

No other language is as honest as body language. Your body speaks louder than whatever you’re saying from your mouth. If a girl is into you, her body language will make it obvious even if she tries to hide it.

Our body tends to turn in the direction of someone we care about. Most times, her feet will be turned in your direction even if her entire body is turned towards the person she’s talking to. Funny but true.

When a lady crosses her legs, it is pointed in the direction of the person she likes. This is easily noticeable in women. Observe her legs.

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5. She is Visibly Happy Anytime She’s Around You

She’s happy when she’s around you

Well, don’t get too excited. Just because she’s happy, doesn’t mean she’s so into you. Carefully observe her, if this happiness or excitement happens when she comes around you or she’s always happy to see you. All of these added to the fact that she’s always open and chatty towards you is a pointer that she probably likes you a lot.

Try to also make sure she has not relegated you to the friend zone. Here’s a way to know this – she’s mostly nervous around you and constantly touches her hair while talking to you.


6. She Tries To Mirror Your Moves

She Tries To Mirror Your Moves

When we’re engrossed in a conversation with someone, we tend to copy that person’s moves or posture.
This action is automatic and unconscious. Observe to see if her body is positioned like yours, if yes, she’s probably into you. Just ensure you’re not the one copying her.

7. Social Media

She tags you on social media

When she makes a post on social media, she tags you. She sends links to information, articles or posts she knows you’d be interested in. While this could be a sign to tell she likes you, you have to be careful here. A good female friend could do the same. This sign doesn’t stand alone, it comes with a combination of other signs. So look out for other signs just to be sure.

8. Ask Her Out

Ask Her Out

This sign doesn’t show without you making a move. This is the most efficient way to determine if she likes.

Put on your brave hat and just ask her out. If she’s into you, she’d say yes. And if she turns you down, the time you’d have spent dreaming and fantasizing about her would be put to better use. From her response, you should know if she likes you or not. So don’t be scared to ask her out. It would save you a lot of stress.

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