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Erigga & Yung6ix, Rulers Of Rap Culture In The Southern Part Of Nigeria



South side hip-hop music, isn’t breeding, under-developing or neither establishing the great value we publicize. But then, ‘we good‘ and I’ll back this claim. Perhaps, we can assert this way because of the wiggling trends catching up with Nigerian music industry in recent times. Pop culture, legit Afro-fusion and Dancehall swindling the Nigerian music horizon like a fast moving pendulum bulb taking sides timely and accordingly.

Still then, many wild cats in the south behind rap culture can be classified, frontline bearers in same Nigerian music industry.

Our Hip-Hop stars in particular, doing extremely good, exuding pragmatic street which is what real hip-hop culture demands. We’ve got, Yung6ix and Erigga “paper boy” taking equal sides as kings of the south. Actually, they’ve both gone far beyond the south in Nigerian music industry, delivering the genre in smooth, unique and adorable mechanics which represents the culture hot and consistent manner.

Hip-hop, from the southern part of Nigeria has few bearers who truly resonates the fullness of the genre. The fine electrifying culture, it is deliberately proud of Yung6ix and Erigga because they have both taken her beauty to echelon, upholding south-side truth in there each melody and expressing blunt lyrics that unveils lifestyle in the southern region.

Yung6ix and Erigga, have always fore front the electrifying genre from the south. Both super-stars, have deliberately positioned slight competition about who’s the king of the south and have been playing a game similar like taking down the position or perhaps having a throne fight through luxury lyrics and they both rep legit faultless.

There both greatness, I actually visage both exercise through an excellent manner and it’s no doubt that the south got this two as prevailing rulers fore fronting the genre which seem like wearing off value in Nigerian music industry. But then, Yung6ix and Erriga are both kings of the south, but aren’t there something greater than this two, perhaps a god. He is greater than kings?

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