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10 Signs Your Man Has A Side Chick



Side Chick

Infidelity has been one major reason why many relationships hit the rocks. Some men even brag about their side chicks, they even go as far as bragging about the number of women they’ve taken to bed.

This has made the search for an honest and loyal man very difficult. This is why you should be careful about who you give your trust to.

Controlling who we fall in love with is a near impossibility but we have control over who we give our hearts to. When in a relationship, it is important to know the signs of infidelity so you won’t be taken unawares.

Check out the signs below:

1. He shies away from defining your relationship

He shies away from defining your relationship

If your boyfriend is yet to put a label on your relationship, this is because he’s not ready to make the relationship official or settle down.

Regardless of the excuses he’s giving, the truth is that he wants to enjoy being single alongside the benefits of a relationship.

If he has made the relationship official but became distant all of a sudden, this is a sign that he’s either running away from commitment or he’s got a side chick.


2. He is super nice all of a sudden

He is super nice all of a sudden

If your boyfriend suddenly changes from being grumpy to being super nice. He could be trying to overcompensate for something. He starts buying gifts all of a sudden, even though he rarely buys gifts.

If his normal behaviour changes drastically to being so nice, you definitely should sit him down and have a talk with him.

3. He carries his phone with him everywhere

He carries his phone with him everywhere

He usually keeps his phone lying around but all of a sudden he starts locking his phone to prevent your access. He starts taking his phone everywhere with him even to the bathroom.

All of these are pointers to the fact that there’s something he’s hiding from you.


4. You’ve caught him on dating sites

You’ve caught him on dating sites

You’ve caught him several times on dating sites. He always wriggles out by saying he’s looking for a partner for some friend.

5. You have a gut feeling

You have a gut feeling

Women are super intuitive. If your gut is telling you something is going on behind your back, it probably is.


6. He has never introduced you to his family or friends

Family and Friends

You two have been dating for a long time and you still haven’t met any of his friends, or his family. Even if you mistakenly stumbled on them, he rushes things to an end.

This is a crystal clear sign that he’s not interested in doing anything serious with you or that he has someone serious elsewhere.

7. He never lets you hear his conversations on the phone

Phone Conversation

His phone rings all the time and he always walks out to answer them. When you confront him, he gives excuses that the calls are super private business calls.

If he stops talking on the phone when you enter the room and continues when you leave, this is another sign to show that there’s a side chick somewhere.


8. He’s always so busy

He’s always so busy

He seems busy of late, comes back late, travels a lot, always rushing to meet up with some meeting.

He always promises to make it up to you with trips and holidays but never seems to fulfil any of the promises.

If a man wants to be with you, he’d make time for you, no matter his job or schedule.

9. His s*x drive dropped

His s*x drive dropped

If you two had superb sexual chemistry and it suddenly comes crashing down, then something is definitely wrong. He’s either getting it somewhere else or he’s under some sort of pressure.

If he seems cool with your declining sexual connection and doesn’t even bother then he’s seeing someone else.


10. He is emotionally distant

He is emotionally distant

An emotionally unavailable man isn’t someone you want to be in a relationship with. He’d never be able to commit no matter how hard you try to make him.

They’re way too scared of love and commitment, so they go into relationships for different reasons other than love and commitment.

A man might withdraw or distant himself when he’s feeling guilty and emotional unavailability.

Seeing just one sign from the list doesn’t mean he has a side chick. The signs work together, they are not independent of each other.

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