7 Amazing Ways To Safely Celebrate Christmas During This Pandemic

Safely Celebrate Christmas

Due to the pandemic, this Christmas might not be as fun as other Christmases before it. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find safe ways to make it fun. Regardless of where you are or who you’re spending the Christmas with, you can still turn this Christmas into an amazing holiday. 

The negatives of the pandemic can be turned into plus points which can, in turn, make the Christmas an amazing one.

Below are some tips to make Christmas amazing in the midst of the pandemic. 

1. Try Prioritizing Your Favorite Christmas Traditions

Christmas Family Traditions

People usually have Christmas traditions, I guess you do too. Some of these traditions wouldn’t be feasible this year due to the restrictions that came with the pandemic.

One thing you should do is write down all of your favourite Christmas traditions and pick out the one you can do indoors and still feel the essence of the holiday.

It might not be like you’d want it but try to make it as fun as possible and enjoy every moment of it. 

2. Try To Do Your Gift Shopping Early

Shopping Cart Full of Christmas Presents

Shopping for Christmas gifts now is probably late because there’s usually a mad rush within the last minutes. Doing your shopping early could save you a lot of stress and money.

It is still not too late though, you can still do some late online shopping but you’d have to spend a little more.

3. Reuse The Christmas Tree From The Previous Year

Christmas tree

If you put last years Christmas tree in storage, you wouldn’t need to go shopping for one. Considering the times, this would be advisable.

For decorations, you can order lightings and ornaments online. 

4. Find Creative Ways To Make The Most Of Your Time With Family/Friends

Family and friends

You should think up creative ways to spend time your loved ones while practising social distancing. Indoor get-togethers should be avoided for the safety of everyone.

Outdoor activities where proper social distancing can properly be done should be something you should consider.

5. Create Special Memories

Christmas Memories

Hanging out in public places this period isn’t advisable. This means, no cinemas, parks or fast food outlets. You’d have to think up creative ways to create special Christmas memories with your family.

I suggest baking something new or cooking the Christmas lunch together, you can try out fun games just spice up things and watch some nice Christmas movies on Netflix. 

6. Spread Some Christmas Joy

Spread Some Christmas Joy

Regardless of the fact that you cannot be around neighbours, families and friends this Christmas like you used to, you can still spread the joy. One way to do this is to share your cookings or bake them something nice.

You can drop them off at their individual houses. They’d love and appreciate the gesture. Even if you don’t have neighbours or close family around, you can still spread the love by dropping off your baked or cooked food at an orphanage or to someone in need.

7. Set Up Family/Friends Video Call

Family/Friends Video Call

This cannot take the place of having them physically present, but it is better than nothing. You should set up a zoom call with family, friends and loved ones.

This would bring almost the same feeling you’d get if they’re all physically present in the room.

The Christmas spirit boils down to spending quality time with family and friends. Even though this Christmas turned out the way it did, you can make it special in your own way. 

If you have a suggestion or question, feel free to drop your comments below.



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