10 Practical Steps To Making and Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution

Compliments of the season to you, dear reader. With a few days to the new year, I’ve been trying to draw up a plan, more like setting goals to improve my life in the coming year. Like myself and many others, you probably have started drawing up your plan, setting goals and making resolutions for the new year.

Making a new year’s resolution has been an end of year tradition for most, Doing it makes you feel empowered and in control of the upcoming year.

However, sticking to the New Years resolution has been a challenge for the majority of people. Research has shown that 75% – 80% of New Year’s resolution never go beyond January. 

So how do we keep our New Years resolution till the end of the new year? How do we beat the odds?

Making a New Year’s resolution is the first step in a long journey. There are several other steps you must take to ensure you commit yourself to the success of the resolution

Below Are 10 Practical Tips To Make And Follow Through On Your New Year’s Resolution.

1. Be Disciplined Enough To Set Attainable Goals

Set Attainable Goals

Making a new year’s resolution without backing it up with an attainable goal is more like making a wish or having hope or a desire.

You probably won’t be able to keep up with it till the end of the first month.

Very few people set goals, no wonder only a few people make it to the top. Setting goals gives you a path to run on, it keeps you committed to the achievement of your New Years resolution.

Steps to achieving your goals:

  • Decide exactly what you want or don’t want.
  • Write it down.
  • Set a deadline for whatever you’ve written down.
  • Make a list of every and anything you can think of that you could do to make achieving the goal a possibility.
  • Organize your list by both priority and sequence.
  • Take action on your plan immediately.
  • Do something every day that moves you in the direction of your number 1 goal.

Make sure every goal or resolution you set is something you can achieve within the set time limit. With goals and self-discipline, anything is possible.

2. Put Tools In Place To Make It Happen

Put Tool In Place To Make It Happen

Whatever it is you’ve decided to do or not do again, you must put tools in place to ensure the success of your decision.

If you resolve to learn a new skill, making a financial investment to pay for a course on the skill is putting the right tool in place to make your goal or resolution easier to accomplish. 

If you want to stop a habit, taking out everything that triggers the actions that make up the habit, is putting the right tool in place to make your resolution succeed.

Don’t just talk about doing these things, you know what to do. Do it! 

3. Do Your Research

Do Your Research

Whatever it is you want to achieve, someone has already achieved it. Whatever habit you want to drop, people have successfully dropped those habits.

Your job is to seek out how they did it. 

Find out what steps they took, what challenges they faced, what sacrifices they made. Research, dig deep and find out all of the things you need to find out to successfully make your resolution a reality.

4. Set intermediate Goals

Set intermediate Goals

How do you eat an elephant? You eat it bit by bit. The same applies to achieving your goals. Break your goals into smaller chunks you can work on daily.

These intermediate goals build up to make achieving all your goals a possibility. 

If you want to lose 50 pounds, you can’t do that in a day, you’d break it down into months, weeks and days. The number of pounds you’d lose in a day will determine the level of workout you put in. 

If you don’t break down this goal, you’d be more likely to procrastinate and quit because of how massive the goal seems.

5. Inform Your Friends and Family

Inform Your Friends and Family

Telling people about your resolution, especially your close friends and family will make you accountable. Letting them know how serious you are would make them help keep you in the track. 

Good friends and family members would encourage you by not creating an avenue for you to relapse.

6. Find a Support Team

Find a Support Team

Find people around you who have made resolutions like you and build a support team with them. You all will help keep each other in check.

If you’re looking at opening a business, find people who already have similar businesses or people looking to open theirs too.

No matter what you resolve, do not walk alone, seek out a support team to ease your journey.

7. Use Technology to Help

Use Technology to Help

There’re a lot of apps out there that can help keep you in line. Apps to help monitor your progress, track your calories, help you budget right etc are all over the internet – on Playstore or Apple store. 

Leverage on the power of technology to help you achieve those goals and make your resolution a reality.

8. Have Fun

Have Fun

In drawing out your map to the achievement of your goals, try to make it fun. It won’t all be fun as you’re going to do lots of things you wouldn’t like to do but try incorporating some fun things to it too. 

If you hate working out, create a fun way to lose those calories, e.g dancing. Forcing yourself usually takes a lot of discipline and willpower which many don’t have.

9. Don’t Give Up at a Setback

Don’t Give Up at a Setback

You’re going to have setbacks. There’d be a time when you’ll abandon the plan. You may feel bad or helpless but don’t let it weigh you down.

Get back and follow the plan. If you deviate 10 times go back to the plan 11 times. Failure is a natural part of success.

Don’t procrastinate, don’t pity yourself, get back into the game.

10. Reward yourself

Reward yourself

 It’s going to be difficult doing something you’re not used to or becoming something you’re not.

Whenever you take a step in the direction of your goals, make a habit of rewarding yourself, no matter how little. Give yourself treats after all the hard work you put in.

Successfully making and working to keep your new year’s resolution can make 2021 a very happy and fulfilling year for you.

Good luck making those resolutions, I believe you have what it takes to follow through on them.





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