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Seyi Shay’s Mean Comment To A 17 Year Old on Nigerian Idol Set Tongues Wagging



Seyi Shay’s mean comment as feedback to a 17 year old auditioning on Nigeria Idol where she’s one of the judges has set tongues wagging at her.

The “Give me love” singer became a topic on social media as she was a total badass and cold-blooded in giving her feedback to a 17 year old Mayowa auditioning on Nigeria Idol. This comment of hers could be termed as the worse that has ever been said to a contestant of any reality show before. Not even almighty Simon Cowell has ever been this brutal in his feedback. This comment is bad enough to send the young man into depression.

In her feedback to Mayowa on his performance she said: who told you to come here for an audition, they are not your friend. Because that was not good audition. You have a sweet talking voice, and it shows in your singing voice. But your performance is terrible. You’re never going to make money being a singer. I love you, you’re so sweet, but you’re not a singer. Beep me up later, we’ll talk, but that singing thing is not going to work.

Nigerian’s are now reacking to her arful comments and are requesting for the organisaers to do something about her comment to the 17 year old contestant.

This moral killing comments has made people to ask what has become of her own music career and when she last made money from singing?

Although the boys performance was bad, it doesnt warrant the way she spoke to the little boy or is she just generally a mean person as not much is known of her personality in the media space rather than a singer whose career is down the drain and now making money through being a video vixen for other artist.

Some viewers have already began to call for the organisers to remove her from the table as she’s over zealous and doing too much to impress or standout. She needs to take a course in objective criticism or critiquing to know the different between killing a person’s moral and critiquing.

Here are some of the comments  passed on her show of shame.


What do you think. Was her comments needed?


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  1. Borri

    March 29, 2021 at 10:28

    A friend of mine went for the auditioning, He was brutally judged by this same sheyishey who by all indications is having her own hard time sitting on the fence as regards what her career is supposed to be and what she’s actually managing it to be. My friend came back feeling terrible and extremely regretful, despite all the pretense that all is well, I could feel it in the tone of his voice whilst on the phone with him. In fact, the video made its way through to University of Abuja where he studies, right now, he’s the subject of mockery in the school street.

    Can you relate with such pain and the depression that comes thereafter?

  2. Anonymous

    March 29, 2021 at 05:04

    Who is even Seyi Shay? Is she a Musician or a Slot?/How on earth can u make such derogatory statement on human being? Is she really singing?…. I think d judges should replace her with good musician like Waje Omawumi or even Simi.

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