“I’m Not A Nigerian Artiste and I Don’t Make Money From Nigeria – Burna Boy


Burna Boy

The highly controversial artiste and hit maker Burna Boy has disclosed the unbelievable. The singer recently made a comment in a Twitter response to a fan – saying that he is not a Nigerian artiste and definitely doesn’t make his money from Nigeria.

Burna Boy responding to a Twitter comment by a fan who said he Burna Boy will eave Twitter NG for Nigerians due to the constant bants he gets on that app, the singer surprisingly replied to the fans, that he is not even a Nigerian artiste, meaning he is not bothered.

Another user commented that; why is he promoting the motherland if he thinks he is not A Nigerian?, that was when Burna Boy dropped the bombshell that he is just catching cruse in Nigeria and that he makes no income from the country.

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What’s your take on this statement by Burna Boy? – Do you believe he does not make money from Nigeria?



  1. Ta, which u no be Nigeria, u no know how many Nigerian follower u get on Twitter and Instagram??
    If una do get money , una go dey form……

  2. If you are not a nigeria go to any where u like because this live na were u go see chop na there u go focus ooo


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