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5 Reasons Why Shatta Wale and Some Ghanaians are Angry With the Nigerian Music Industry



Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy

Following the recent Outburst by Ghanian Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale against Nigerians, and the recent Press briefing by his colleague Stonebwoy concerning Nigerian DJ’s and the industry at large proves that all has not been well with Some artists in Ghana and their Nigerian Musical colleagues.

Here are 5 reasons we think are contributing to these Ghanaians being angry with the Nigerian entertainment industry.

1. They don’t want to Accept that it’s Our time.

Ghanaians have failed for the umpteenth time to understand that Nigerians are at their best form when it comes to the music industry and the entire entertainment industry. Whatever we do at this point, automatically becomes a huge success and this is owing to our population, or the support we show ourselves. All of these show how big our Industry has become and Ghanians just have to accept this.

They also had their own fair share of Fame and dominance when the likes of VIP, Tic Tac, and some other Top Artistes from Ghana were all over the place. Even at some point, The “Azonto” sound was a major Catalyst that saw the rise of Artistes like Sarkodie, R2bees, Fuse ODG etc . They blew internationally but couldn’t consolidate on that to remain at the top

2. They feel Entitled

It’s only Natural for Ghanaians to feel Entitled, because they feel, The Ghanaian music scene has been to a large extent, a place of Assylum and safe Haven for some of our Bigwigs to Thrive. Burna Boy at some point in his career was facing downtown in his musical career. Shatta Wale took him in and gave him his car and provided Cover for Burna boy all through the Grammy-winning singer’s ordeal.

He feels he should at least be given a shout-out for what he did for Burna boy. He sees Him as an “ingrate” It isn’t out of place to feel “used” when you’re now bigger on the world stage. But the honest truth is, some people are ungrateful in life and all you can do is just move on from them.

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Even arguably one of the biggest Artistes in Nigeria now – Wizkid, now lives in Ghana. They (Ghanaians) see themselves as an asset for our own peace of mind. Even Shatta Wale took Subliminal shots at the situation and said “Nigerian Artistes see Ghana as Heaven” and I don’t think he is wrong with this assertion. They think Nigerians acts should pay them back as much as they have been bailing us at difficult times

3. Nigerians are annoying

Without a doubt, I know how Annoying our fellow Nigerians are – Especially Artistes and entertainers. They’ll come to a place and try to oppress the local artistes in that area. It’s very normal for any sane person to feel irritated as such a Supercilious behavior. When they go to clubs or have shows to perform, there is always an aura of arrogance all around. They constitute nuisance sometimes with their level of Orgy and recklessness.

Last year, two big-name acts from Nigeria were involved in a row at a popular club in Ghana. It goes on to show how irresponsible our Artiste are. Ghanaians wouldn’t come to Nigeria and display such a show of shame. Ghanaians are are the receiving of all these Negative behaviors.

Even Shatta Took a swipe at Rema for the rather condescending and snarky remarks the latter made concerning Ghana women. Rema was quoted at saying ” I need 10 Ghana girls to ease my mind” it’s actually derogatory in all ramifications.

4. It’s just Plain Jealousy

A large part of all these is just bitterness, low self Esteem and jealousy. If you look at the South Africa music scene, they are prideful. They see themselves as Superior and their music speaks for itself. South African house music genre (Amapiano) dominated our music production for over a year and a half now. South Africans don’t need Nigerians to be big. See how big Cassper Nyovest and Nasty C is. If Ghanaians can do the same, they wouldn’t beg for our support. They will work together to create an impregnable force in Africa.

5. Our Industry is Not Polarized

It’s safe to say that our Industry is big but the concentration on just Lagos as the entertainment capital Is another major undoing. Our Artistes have explored it and it has become too small for them. As such, they travel out to other African Countries to Create unhealthy competition.

If we had Other Popping cities like Lagos in Nigeria, the desperate urge to leave Nigeria for Ghana would be tranquilized. We really need to have other cities like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Warri and Owerri to have major or headlining shows Brought regularly and also artistes should be scouted and discovered in these areas as well. This can create some form of escapism for them, rather than seeing Ghana as an Assylum.

The article was written by Norband Bayl

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  1. Kehinde

    January 2, 2022 at 19:50

    I don’t completely with some of your assertions, gahanian entertainers are just jeaslous is all,Nigerian s are the most accomdating Africans we akawys push good African music, you want to compete step up simple, this is a competition, we are the big dog, to knock off the big dog you have to step it up plain and simple

  2. Anonymous

    January 2, 2022 at 15:11

    Ghana was at the for front of this movement going international 10-15 years ago. Their problem is that they continue to sing primarily in their native dialects instead of making the music palatable for the international market as the Nigerians have done.

    And now they feel left behind but won’t change their Outlook.

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