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I Dumped My EX Sugar Daddy Because He Was Bankrupt South African Lady Cries Out



South Africa Lady dumps sugar daddy

A South African Lady, who dumped her sugar daddy when he went bankrupt, reveals what he did after recovering.

She took to her twitter page to write what about sugar daddy.

She wrote; My ex sugar daddy went bankrupt during the last year because of the pandemic and I cut him off. He sent me a message to tell me he is good again. Men really don’t love themselves. ?

Her tweet got attention and sparked reactions of twitter users,

@Piasonrealmusic gave reasons why it happened, he wrote; ??Nah.

He’s a real one.

He was a sugar daddy.

Paying for a service.


If ii have a monthly subscription to Spotify and ii go broke, obviously I’ll lose the benefits.

But when I’m “good again” I’ll re-activate the service.

It’s convenient for both parties.

Reactions has South African Lady dumps sugar daddy

@Thapelo explained why her sugar daddy came back and have reasons to his explanation. He wrote; He’s coming back for what he wants and you will go back for what you want. It’s a mutual beneficial relationship it’s got nothing to do with men loving or not loving themselves

Twitter users reactions has South African Lady dumps sugar daddy

It seems Twitter users understood her sugar daddy situation.

What do you think about her sugar daddy?

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