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“Legends Cannot Be Outshined” – Daniel Regha Slams Portable For Asking 2 Years To Overtake Wizkid



Controversial Twitter user Daniel Regha has slammed Portable over claim that he would be bigger than Wizkid.

Popular street artist Portable had on May 9 made a post that he would overtake Wizkid in the industry within the space of two years.

‘Give me 2 years, I’ll be bigger than wizkid’, he wrote.

His tweet was received with mixed reactions, some of which pointed out that it would be impossible for him to reach Wizkid’s stardom in the industry.

Among many who reacted to Portable’s tweet was Daniel Regha, who is well known on Twitter for his sharp replies to celebrities’ tweets.

In Daniel’s view, Wizkid being a pacesetter and mentor who paved the way for the like of Portable in the industry, Portable could never be bigger than him.

He equally added that‘legends can’t be outshined’, a remark that most stood out in his tweet.

“Portable u may produce better songs than Wizkid but u can never be bigger than him, cos he literally paved a way for u & other newbies like urself; Legends can’t be outshined. Also keep in mind that u don’t have any hit song yet, Zazoo is no!se so produce one hit before bragging,” wrote Daniel Regha.

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