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Ruger Forcefully Kissed On Stage By Female Fan [Video]



Ruger kissed by fan

Talented young Nigerian singer Ruger was forcefully kissed on stage by a female fan.

A viral video on Twitter shows a part of Ruger’s recent performance at a gig in Australia where he was kissed by a female fan.

Ruger was kissed by the fan while he was performing in front of a crowd of cheerful fans. The lady who kissed him was in the front row closest to where he stood performing. She drew him closer and kissed swiftly.

The dissapointing look on the singer’s face after the sexual harrassment reminds one of his last ugly experience with a different female fan at a show from a few months back.

We reported then that a female fan grabbed his manhood from where she was standing beside the stage. The action pissed him so much that he angrily walked off the stage in the middle of performing.

This recent situation is no different from back then, for it is clear, looking at his expression in the video, that he was displeased.

Watch the video here!

Why do female fans keep behaving in this manner towards Ruger?

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