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What You Should Know Before Falling In Love With An Abuja Guy Or Lady



These are the things you should know before falling in love with someone living in Abuja

Abuja, the Federal capital city of Nigeria, therefore, there will be many things that are many things you should know before falling in love in Abuja.

1 . Are They In Love Or Looking For Where To Stay:

When we say some people are in relationship in Abuja because they do not want to pay house rent due to the high cost of rent, believe that it is not a joke, therefore, know if your lover really loves you or you are only the person’s ticket from escaping the brunt hand of trenches.

2. They Are Lying:

Persons living in Abuja will keep on telling they are living at Maitama, Asokoro and all. But if you check well, they are living in Nasarawa, they only work around Apo area.

3. Ask If He/She Is A Party Rider:

The thing about being a party rider in Abuja, especially if you are coming out of the trenches is that if you are dating someone who loves going to party, it will consume your money because things are expensive in Abuja.

4. Know If He Is A Squatter:

Rent money in Abuja is on the high side, therefore so many people squat with friends, enemies and frenemies. While there is nothing genuinely wrong with falling in love with some who is squatting, you need to know so he doesn’t take you to a place where you won’t be comfortable.

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