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30BG Member Dragged By Wizkid FC For Selling Condoms (Video)



A member of 30BG by the name of Roza Pepper was dragged in one of the most recent bants involving the top fanbases in Nigeria. For reasons that aren’t obvious, members of the Wizkid FC on Twitter attacked the Davido supporter in question. Some users have alleged that she “brokeshamed” them while in reality she is the one that needs help.

Miss Roza is one of the most influential Twitter users endorsing Davido, and the opposing side has used a picture of her while she was working at her supermarket to attack her.

While online trolls did their best to make her Durex sales seem like a sign of desperation, she posted old tweets that showed she’s always bragged about her off-line work ethic. She challenged the trolls to provide proof that she had “brokeshamed” anyone.

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