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Top 20 Men Hairstyles For Christmas



There are a number of hairstyle options for men to choose from in this festive season, ranging from cornrows, skin fade, to long twists. Irrespective of age, if it’s your intention to look clean, classy, and fresh for this Christmas, these hairstyle options are for you. Go through them and select a hairstyle that fits you the best!

Below are the top 20 men hairstyles for Christmas:

1. Cornrows

Cornrows is an extremely simple style; this cut is always trendy and classy.

2. Short Hair with Low Fade

This is a haircut that goes great with any occasion – whether it’s Christmas or formal event.

3. Buzz Cut with Line Up

This simple hairstyle is quite popular in barbershops. It’s simple but sexy and unique!

4. High Fade, Line Up and Cool Beard Design

This particular hairstyle gives a classy look for a man with dark beard and mustache.

5. Curly Afro

This simple look is a great way of managing curly hair while still allowing it to grow naturally.

6. Short Afro with Temple Fade

Temple fades with a short afro always looks perfect on men chiseled face and masculine cheeks.

7. Bald Fade, Surgical Part and Short Twists

Bald fade with short twists is stylish and trendy. You should rock this haircut ASAP!

8. Bald Fade, Short Kinky Hair and Full Beard

This is a cool haircut for the beard geng. It’s classy, sexy, and unique!

9. Skin Fade with Waves

This is another perfect look for bearded men as most like short haircuts.

10. Twisted Curls with Blow Out Fade

This style looks super good when combined with a low fade.

11. Sponge Twists and Temple fade

Temple fade with sponge twists looks great on most black men. Be sure that your stylist is super good before you pull it off.

12. Waves and Taper Fade

This is one of the best taper fade haircuts for men. It offers a clean, masculine look that catches ladies’ attention.

13. Burst Fade Mohawk and Thick Beard

The thickness of the beard may vary depending on individual preference.

14. Low Afro Fade and Long Twists

Low fade are always cool combined with long twists. The twists are the highlight of this cut.

15. Buzz Cut, High Skin Fade and Line up

This is classic men’s haircut, featuring short hair all around.

16. Buzz Cut, Line Up and Full Beard

Buzz cut is stylish, especially with the full beard which provides another amazing dimension and a very cool look.

17. Crew Cut and Skin Fade

Crew cut is better combined with a skin fade. This is the gentlemen’s haircut.

18. High Fade with Disconnected Part

An ideal choice for men who want to look at their best at all time.

19. High Skin Fade with Twists

The twists on top are highlighted by the stylish profile created by the high skin fade.

20. Curl Sponge and Hi-lo Fade

The thickness of your hair and natural texture will make this your favorite hairstyle. The Hi-lo fade adds a high profile with a side cut that runs to the back of your head.

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