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Here’s Why Burna Boy Lost Both Categories At The 65th Grammys [Author’s Opinion]



Here Is Why Burna Boy Lost Both (Global)Categories He Was Nominated In At The 65th Grammys
Here Is Why Burna Boy Lost Both Categories At The 65th Grammys

Here, we investigate why Burna Boy lost both nominations at the 65th Grammy Awards.

Many are still surprised that Burna Boy lost the two categories (Global Music Performance and Best Global Music Album) where he was nominated in the just concluded 65th Grammys.

Non Voting Categories

The first explanation is that fans need to understand that both categories are non voting categories and the categories are not won on song popularity rather the judges pay attention to details and contents.

Theme Of Africa/ World Struggles

Nomcibe Zikode song that won the Best Global Music ahead of Burna Boy’s Last Last arguably deserves it. ‘Bayethe’, has significance and soul since it reflects the difficult times we are facing now as a global community, trying to put our lives back together after the global pandemic.

It is a powerful South African Zulu Royal salute of “Hail,” “Bayethe” prompted listeners to produce a universal message, a distinct call to action to the globe “to lighten our weights, to heal, to bring peace and happiness.” It’s clear that everyone who worked on the song did so out of genuine enthusiasm.

Also the song and video has more African aesthetics and sound that Burna’s Last Last though it’s not popular. The flutist and video showed the cultural background and the category “Global Music Performance” is not about the album or the chart, it’s about the quality in the recording. That’s why Arooj Aftab’s Mohabbat won it last year ahead of Wizkid’s Essence and Do You by Angelique Kidjo.

Cultural Export

The reason Burna Boy lost the second category which is the Best Global Music Album to Japanese singer Masanori Takumi is simply because the latter used local Japanese made musical instrument.

Global Categories are categories where the Grammy judges want to see artiste tell a story about their country or a theme that affects the whole world.

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