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“UK Is Overhyped, My Nose Don Block” – Lade Laments



"UK Is Overhyped, My Nose Don Block" - Lade Laments

Lade, a quickly rising Nigerian singer, shared her tense experience with living in the UK on social media.

Lade claimed in an Instagram video that the UK is not worth the hype because the reality of living there is very different from what is depicted on social media.

She complained that the climate is bitterly cold and that it is not a good way to live to awaken every morning with a sore throat or a blocked nose.

Lade continued by saying that the UK is not for the weak of heart, especially for those trying to balance school and employment because it is quite stressful. Most of them, according to her, don’t take breaks and work nonstop.

Considering how challenging it is to make money in the UK, she also recommended individuals to value any money they receive from their relatives there.

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