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Everything You Need To Know About The Trending Slang ‘Idan’



Idan is a word trending among Nigerian youths. To keep you up to date, here is everthing you need to know about Idan

Meaning and Origin of Idan

Idan comes from the Yoruba language, which is one of the three most spoken languages in Nigeria, and the word directly means “magic.” However, when people say Idan on the street means different things.

Like most terms, Idan has come to mean “Boss” in the streets and on the Internet. So, it is used in a casual way to describe someone who is very important to someone. People think that this person has things like power, money, influence, etc. Then, words like strength, impact, and power are used to describe it.

Hillarious Way to use Idan in a sentence

Idan doesn’t send money to women.

Idan no dey do transfer.

Idan no dey queue e..t.c

However, as much as Idan is used to show respect, it could also be used to call someone a fool

For example :

”Idan no dey hustle, na money dey look for Idan” which literally mean ”only a fool (boss) will not work and be expecting to make money. Another example is “Idan don buy Benz” this is a praise for someone who has work hard and could afford to buy a car.

Examples Of How Idan Could Be Used

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adebowale hunga

    May 13, 2023 at 13:09

    *IDAN history*
    IDAN was born in idanre, idan write all him exam for street.
    IDAN no get house but na landlord.
    IDAN no contest for election, they swear am in
    IDAN chewing stick na sk
    Only idan dey use cocaine as dusting powder
    IDAN sow vawulence, reap peace
    IDAN no get work but him dey shine,
    IDAN no give shishi but him dey nack,
    If idan borrow your money, na u dey owe idan
    If idan come late other apologize by coming early
    If idan cut onions, na onions dey cry.
    If idan gain admission, the sch have to pay acceptance fees for idan.
    IDAN no dey beg for help, na help dey beg idan.
    IDAN write exam, supervise and grade himself.
    IDAN relative na Vladimir Putin.
    His first born na Achraf hakimi.
    IDAN no get wing but he dey fly.
    Person wey meet idan for daytime meet Adanwo.
    If idan dey cross road na drivers dey look left and right.
    And lastly you know what… IDAN don die since five months ago but death is scared to tell him😂😂😂

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