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List Of Luxurious Cars Owned By Davido (Pictures)



List Of Luxurious Cars Owned By Davido (See Pictures)

Davido, one of the afrobeat heavyweight is someone that loves luxurious cars, here is the name, price and pictures of cars owned by Davido.

Ever since becoming a celebrity, Davido has never shy away from showing how much he loves enjoying life, especially when it comes to cars. He makes announcement anytime he is about to get a new whip, in fact, he fills his social media post with pictures and vidoes of the new car anytime it arrives.

In March 2022, shortly after the his o2 arena show, Davido announced he was buying Mercedes Maybach and he showed the pictures and vidoes after the car got delivered to him in Lagos state. Davido obviously has a thing for Mercedes products as he bought another 2023 Mercedes Maybach in May 2nd.

Checkout the pictures and prices of the cars below:

1 . Mercedez Maybach Virgil Abloh

The Maybach S680 is a high-end vehicle that Mercedes-Benz plans to debut in 2023. It is the Maybach S650’s replacement, and a V12 engine with a maximum output of 621 horsepower is anticipated to power it. This Mercedes-Maybach S 680 is a limited-edition model created by Maybach by Virgil Abloh.

2. Lamborghini Aventador

The 2022 Lamborghini Aventador epitomizes a hyper vehicle with its loud 769-horsepower V-12 engine and unusual design. The Ferrari SF90 and other rivals embrace an electrified future, but the Lambo’s 12-cylinder engine guzzles petrol like a frat boy guzzles alcohol.

3. Rolls Royce Culian

Rolls Royce Culian’s Ghost and Phantom are limousine-like sedans, but the rich and famous—like the rest of the car-buying world—aren’t as into the three-box shape as they once were. Rolls created the SUV’s peak, the Cullinan, for megawealthy customers. The ute’s name comes from a huge diamond, fitting given its lavishness and its cost. The Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament advertises the owner’s wealth, and the back seat feels like a living room. Rolls uses a smooth V-12 engine and a quiet ride to justify its price. Buyers can customize the cabin, but the digital instrument layout and rear bench seat are unattractive. The 2021 Cullinan is a rolling castle that pampers riders and delights spectators.

3. 2018 Bentley Bentagya

The 2018 Bentayga has more color and trim options, including the Mulliner variant, which offers endless possibilities to customize this already extravagant SUV. Featuring silver cutlery, French china, and Bentley-branded champagne flutes, this picnic gift is distinctive. A Breitling Tourbillon clock in the center of the dash costs $170,000. For the first time, the 2018 Bentayga has a three-row, seven-seat layout.

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