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MUSIC PREMIERE: Blackfacenaija – Hottah Fire



Houzloud Entertainment presents yet another banger from Blackfacenaija titled “Hottah Fire“. Just as we have come to expect from Blackface, he lends his voice over the current situations in Nigeria. He did it with Hard Life and E dey Pain Me , now he is doing it again with Hottah Fire.

The hot banging track was produced by long time producer Eden. Download and don’t forget to share your thoughts on this song!.


:Blackface – Hottahfire

Lyrics Hottahfire by Blackfacenaija

Burn Babylon yoo!!
Ah what dem say
Blackfacenaija… Say me back again

Hottahfire burn Babylon
Hottahfire pon Babylon
Hottahfire burn Babylon
Lottah fire


My people dey dem just dey suffer
Them just dey hope when God e go answer oh
And cost of living getting higher
E no be beans for man to make e naira oh
So Mr President how we go solve the matter?
So much of killings in ah southern Kaduna
Agatu people still dey ask wetin we do una
Wetin we do una
So them kpai so many in abuja
For sambisa forest wey dem keep my girls
Innocent Nigerians dem butcher
Am from my constituency oya gimme my share
( What a sharing )
Soldier come soldier go….
Barrack e go remain the same
anything wey you do for life if e goodu dem go remember your name
Some politicians dem are going insane
Dem no care bout the people pain
Na dem dey collect the tax
And embezzle it na wetin be that…
Hottah hottah fire

Chorus 2x


Burn fire
Tell dem say we Don tire
Dem are ovia dem are vampire
Abit na arm’s deal we Don talk tire
And dem na go let rastaman fe burn kaya
Tonight we go war with them
Omo we go worry dem
Who go stop me when me come fe dem?
Dem must face the consequences oh
They must enter jail all of them must enter
Get dem now now all of them must enter
They must enter jail all of them must enter
Get dem now now
Get den now now
Hottah hottah fire



Nigeria my country abeg e which way ?
E be like say these people want to take e we play
Since 1960 government dey for relay
Dey pass we like baton slave we like kinte
Free me or hountah
I couldn’t be caught in your politics you do and you sign?
But its a new day can’t you read the new sign ?
And if you bumping to the beat you should feel the new sound
Bound to hit you with the truth
So many lives we lost Borno can’t forget you
We no fit forget our fallen hero’s
We go tell una stories to them little kidos
Word !!!


Hottah fire pon Babylon… Yo!!!!

Ah what dem say
A trybunal bonafide
……till fades……

Published by Houzloudpublishing 2017

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  1. Antivirus cousin

    December 8, 2017 at 06:50

    I love that

  2. mic

    March 16, 2017 at 21:41

    Nice one

  3. Anonymous

    March 12, 2017 at 17:10

    Nice one bfn…. Spit more fire

  4. Henry X

    March 12, 2017 at 16:36

    Now this is dope.. more fire blackfacenaija

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