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VIDEO: BlackfaceNaija – Stop The Killings



New song from Blackface addressing all the killings in Nigeria, especially in his hometown BenueAguta. The new song is titled Stop The Killings. Watch and enjoy the video below.

With all the killings going on in his hometown Agatu over the years ,other places in Benue State and the country Nigeria, BlackFaceNaija cries out for those responsible for such inhumane acts to STOP THE KILLINGS
Directed by Iyke Lawrence
Published by HouzLoud Publishing BMI

[download id=”33904″]

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. C klem Uzoka

    October 24, 2019 at 23:29

    Exelente . Jah bless you black.
    I hope one day people will get to feel your pain. I have that feel, you gonna make a huge statement. I love 2baba so much i got carried away. Know things will only get better. Please, if 2baba apologizes, forgive and embraze. He’s still your brother. Its just a shame that eminent people in the industry decided to take sides instead of try to help settle the biff. To be fare, Blackface needs to be farely heard to get to the buttom of the matter.
    Lets not be too quick to judge anyone of .

    One love

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