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See funny comments by Nigerians as DJ Khaled reacts to drawing of his son by Nigerian Artist with “Amazing”



Nigerians on twitter have reacted with funny comments after DJ Khaled simply commented with “Amazing” on a Nigerian artist’s drawing of his son Asahd.

If you recall, American comedian Kevin Hart had reacted to a hyper-realistic drawing of himself by another Nigerian artist back in February and reached out to buy the art.

Some other artists followed suit to reach out to celebrities both home and abroad with their works. Some successfully received the attention they desired while some were lucky enough to get their art purchased.

In this case, a retweet with the comment “Amazing” was what Sammie Israel, the artist who drew Khaled’s son Asahd recieved, courtesy of a repost by one of his fans.

Nigerians on twitter quickly flooded Khaled’s space to react, most of them making funny remarks.

Check them out below:

Some came to Khaled’s defence, stating that it was good enough that he saw and commented on the art. After all, that’s what the artist asked for.

Oh well, at  least, we can say the artist got the recognition he desired.

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