Psquare is Never Reuniting Again, Stop Dreaming – Mr P blasts fans


Psquare is Never Reuniting Again, Stop Dreaming - Mr P blasts fans

The half of the defunct Psquare peter okoye popularly known as Mr P blasts Psquare fans to stop dreaming as he reveals Psquare is never reuniting again.

The singer who recently performed in the 2019 edition of Warri Again confronts fans who keep on hoping for Psquare reunion to stop dreaming.


Psquare is Never Reuniting Again, Stop Dreaming - Mr P blasts fans

What do you think as Mr P says Psquare is not coming back? Drop comments below



  1. Very sad .. How i wish i can see you Mr p to plead, you guys are still one blood remember, please let be a positive change

  2. Mr p aren’t you ashamed of yourself for saying this cause to me without your brother you are going down you aren’t going anywhere just take your time a check all your album the once you released together and the one’s you did alone and tell me the difference you are the elderly one though you are twin you look more matured than him but as of now you made me believe that he’s far better than you i am not beging you neither am i asking you to come back together you can do anything you want he’s your brother but have this in mind that you music are not making sence any more it has no meaning anymore your brother mr rude boy have gone far i wasn’t born a twins cause i lost my twin brother i never missed him until when i turned 5 i Realise that two heads are better than one since then i made the both of you my no 1 i spent my 19 years of life believing in the both of you but by saying this i regret knowing you at the first place your bro Released a music Chizoba i believed you must have listened to it what did you understand he also Released call heaven as his brother you should understand all he meant he ‘s a celebrity as you are but by blood you are one when he released or sang that music doesn’t matter to me without P square there is no Mr p or Rude boy with the both of you together no musician can beat you not even in their dreams so please we believe in you your fans do and still believe that some day we will have our p square back love you and take care mind you if you don’t come together the future will not have another P square cause there won’t believe in it any more give the future what to believe in and your kids too love you all

  3. To me p square is all I know when it comes to their music because the name of p square it’s self is a big name ever than their music so all I want back now is the name back not their music so please come back as P Square.

  4. @peterpsquare, you once looked for this fans. Don’t you think one day or sooner or later you will look for them again?

  5. ??? there is nothing like blood. How i wish their parents is still alive i don’t think this would have happened to them..I always cry whenever i think about them since they started singing

  6. You people should be ashamed of your selves..what are you going to teach your children wen they start having dispute between each other.blood that comes into the world same day.
    Please stop all this and come back
    What joy are you both giving to your mother in the grave.please you people should come back and make things right

  7. Blood is thicker than water you know p square we love u and we miss u guyz so bad . What will u loose if u join forces again ? Remember together we stand, divided we fall. is this what ur mum would have wanted if she were alive? U guys put all that happened behind you and work as a team. Love one another stop listening to rumors plssssss now. I tk God beg una bekooo. Let love lead. Shame the devil and live a happy life.??♥♥♥ love u guyz so bad save that energy for ur enemies fight them don’t give them the chance at all.

  8. PSquare The Most Influential Duo In Africa ! Wait, did I say Africa, I meant THE WORLD ! ❤?????????????????????✌✌✌✌✌??????????

  9. PSquare is never reuniting again ?! Please, the next thing Peter’s going to tell us is that he’s no longer using Oluwagerald and D’Gizzle as his back up dancers ! LAME ! ????????????????????????

  10. PSquare is never reuniting again ?! We’ll see about that ! I will make sure they will, THE HARD WAY ????? ! This is from Adetiloye Adebodun Adesida !

  11. My dear poor Mr P
    You’ll Make a good Actor I believe! Cus I see it through your dance steps! Which is what I love abt you mostly!
    Buh trust me instead of wasting time singing After the original P who needs no ^2,
    I think Nollywood will do you great good Bro!
    Or better still swallow your pride go bk to ur brother, ya his merciful, you’ll still dance while he sing for Us! Think about it Peter!

    • Oga u r fool for making this statement, is people that caused issues for this twin why would you say all he does is dance, while I know hit songs credited to Mr p, roll it, more than a friend and much more, they have broken up, let’s seal with it and move on and stop pestering Mr p, cos he is doing well more than most Nigerians

  12. They should go and fucking seat. Do they know how many brothers and families that have separated and the world didn’t end. And nobody cares, any[way. There own is not an exception. If they like let them kill themselves…….

  13. I couldn’t be bothered wether you get back together or not. As individual acts you guys are now very significant. So wise up!!

  14. Hapu those ppl…. They know wetin them day do
    Let them keep using us they make money…. If una unite or not how that one take concern us… I go happy if una kill unaselves since una no know wetin day good

  15. E concern me if he don’t want reconciliation he should go to hell for all I care….at least my kingrudy is still winning…..

  16. Who’s losing?! Musically, Peter isn’t sound. His KARMA is simply too bad. Paul is moving higher and higher. Peter must ask himself why he’s the odd one out in the family. Peter has left the family for good and no one cares.

  17. Together they have a greater force, everything blend together. And they made much money together than individuals. Well I don’t see them coming together again but if they do it will be great and exciting. Although it might not be the same again. I want to be a bit bias, I preferred Rude Boy anytime.

  18. Who cares! I have my beautiful life to live. Nobody cares about your freaking unity! Fuck off you both!! We’ve had enough of you!!!!!!!

  19. Amen…may that prayer stay true…Rude boy is doing better alone…Mr.P should keep dancing alone too. As a crew they should never return…you need to stay humble though bro…@ Mr. P

    • You’re a FOOL for saying this ! They belong together, especially since their twins ! Michelan-HELL-OH !

  20. Their is time for everything and I guess this time will definitely come. You guys should just do what you guys know how to do best and move on.

  21. Pussy who cares if y’all reunite again or not? You such a puppy who do you think give a fuck? Fuck Mr p….. Rude gbuai remain blessed you are a real G. Ur brother Mr p is a Pussy. Non of my nigga gives a fuck about you Mr Pussy… You are tranna say this about both of y’all. Punk ass nigga.

  22. Then both of u let u guys remain like that,for me I don’t care who’s u guys help una come the make noise for media abeg make una pack for one side.

  23. Together they had the best entertainment package of any group in Africa. Their brand as p-square was awesome. As individuals now, each has no gravitas! My then 11 year old daughter stood on her chair for the entire duration of their 2-hour concert at the Eko Hotel Convention Center. Now, they’ve become as ordinary as the other non-entertaining musicians.

  24. Please you people have to come together again because when you are not P-Square you are no more because all the world know you as P-Square is not good you are a Blood Brothers you don’t have to fight just because of little thing or because of money or because of your wife’s you people have to come back as the P_ squares will know in naija.

  25. Hmmm Psquare we really missed you pple, can’t believe you pple part away chai it’s appalling.remember dos yrs with personally and alingo way burst brain dat time.make una come bk for us we all love both of you


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