Take N10 Million or spend 1hr with Aliko Dangote ?


Since it’s tending on twitter, we’ve decided to bring it to you our lovely readers – The question is; Would you take N10 Million or spend 1hr with Aliko Dangote ?

Sounds like a No-brainer right ? – But everyone has different priorities in life and we will like to know what our readers think about this question;

Personally, I’ll take the 10 Million and start something for myself because meeting Dangote alone does not guarantee success.

What do you think ?



  1. I will take the money and start something better then me meeting him…because is not guarantee that him will like my option so is better I take the 10m ?

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  3. I will fvcking spend time with Dangote and will show him my qualifications so that he can link me up with pple of his kind,dat how connection starts from.If I collect d 10m I will invest but won’t make much money unlike working under Dangote


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