20 Simple Steps To Make Your Girlfriend Happy


Make her happy

Guys, pleasing a woman in a relationship isn’t difficult and expensive like many think. In this post, I’ve listed 20 things you can do to bring her joy and satisfaction.

There are two things you should understand as the guy in the relationship

Firstly; It’s the little things that matter the most.
Secondly; Happiness resides more in giving than it does in receiving

Overtime spouses tend to grow apart. At this stage, doing nothing would bring it farther apart.

There has to be a deliberate conscious effort on the part of both parties to rediscover, reconnect and fall in love again.

This post is mainly for the guy in the relationship, even though he doesn’t stand to benefit alone. Taking the initiative in showing her how special she is to you, could have a rippling effect.

She won’t just feel love and be excited, she’d reciprocate – good measure, shaken together and running over. For a relationship to be successful, you have to put in a lot of work.

Doing some or even all of the things on this list will make her fall in love with you all over again.

The things I’m going to be outlining are neither difficult nor expensive. They are romantic, thoughtful, funny, kind and sensitive.

Make her happy
Make her happy

You probably may be thinking; “Why must I be the one to make the first move all the time?” Or “What if I do everything and she’s still cold?”, “I may have made a fool of myself”.

This is the kind of thought pattern that may have been responsible for you two growing apart in the first place.

Guys, please let go of your pride and try the things I’m going to outline. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Hold on to her instead of holding to your ego or pride. You’re probably still reading because you need help in your relationship.

This was not an easy step to take, I commend you for the effort you’re putting into making her love you more and making the relationship work.

Let’s delve into the steps

1. Drop tiny notes in the least expected places for her

Tiny notes
Tiny notes

Make her know you’re thinking of her all day would make her beyond happy. This little act would turn you into her hero. Ladies just love surprises, especially the little ones.

After she sees little notes tucked secretly just for her, she won’t keep her mouth shut. She’d be announcing to all her friends about how amazing her man is.

2. When she’s looking or smelling great, let her know

Let her know when she's looking good
Let her know when she’s looking good

She craves your compliment, especially about her looks. Trust me, she receives loads of compliments out there, but none will mean as much to her like a compliment from you.

Even if she knows she smells or looks nice, she’d want to hear it from you. Let her know you appreciate the effort she put into looking super amazing.

3. Spice up your lives with a bit of music

Liven your lives with music
Liven your lives with music

Music has a way of lightening up moods. Create a playlist of music you know she loves and play it when you both are around.

This works to calm her down and puts her in a much better mood, especially when she just returns from work.

This puts her in a receptive mood to all of your advances. She’d respond to the tunes of the music and she’d thank you for putting her in an elevated mood.

She’d be impressed that you know the songs she loves and took the time to create a playlist for her and she’d reward you in ways you never imagined.

4. Say thank you for the little things she does

Say thank you
Say thank you

Always thank her, if she does something thoughtful or sweet. It doesn’t matter how small or how little you think the task is, learn to always say thank you to her.

5. Share fond memories

Share memories
Share memories

Sharing memories with her makes her feel loved. Show her the memories that you’ve kept close to your heart and reveal why they’re still there after all this time.

Look through old photos together, photos that captured beautiful memories.

6. Cook her breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed

This one sounds like a cliché, but if you do it, she’d think you’re the very best. Most guys probably don’t know this but women loved to be served.

7. Do the Hair-Kiss Hug Move

Hair-kiss hug move
Hair-kiss hug move

Guys, this is a sure way to get her attention.

This is how to go about it; approach her from behind but try not to scare her, without uttering a word, take her hair away from the back of her neck and plant a soft kiss there, wrap your arms around her, firmly hug her and linger there for a while.

It doesn’t matter what she’s doing, she’d give you her full attention. It works every time.

8. Do a chore she hates doing

Do a chore for her
Do a chore for her

Without her asking you, take the initiative and do something she doesn’t like doing.

If she hates going to the market, it would be nice if you took the time to do it for her.

Women do most if not all of the household chores, doing part of the chores for shows her you’re trying to make her life easy.

9. Send her Text messages out of the blue

Text her
Text her

Texting has been neglected by many but it’s a cheap and effective way to show her you’re thinking of her.

Most men reason that calling her would be better than just texting. The truth is, texting creates this sought of secret messaging effect. Nobody hears what you are saying, she reads it alone.

No matter how terrible her day is going, texting would put a smile on her face and brighten her day.

10. Offer stress relief

Offer her stress relief
Offer her stress relief

Did she come home stressed or in a bad mood, don’t allow her to cook or do whatever she does when she comes back from work.

Offer to order dinner or run a nice warm bath for her.

11. Give her some pampering

Pamper her
Pamper her

Make an appointment for her in a spa. Don’t let her know immediately, make it a surprise.

Take her there without giving any clue. When she’s done, pick her up. Trust me, she’d love you even more.

12. Take out time to help cook the meals.

Help her with the meals
Help her with the meals

Whenever she’s sweating away in the kitchen, join her. Help her slice or grind something. Sit with her in the kitchen and talk to her as she’s cooking.

13. Can I get or do anything for you?

Can I do anything for you
Can I do anything for you

Always ask her this question, it is a no brainer. It shows you care and want to please her at all times.

14. Don’t be shy to kiss her in public

Kiss her in public
Kiss her in public

Ladies want other people to know that their man loves them so much.

Kissing her in public shows her you’re proud of her and she’d love you more for this.

15. Show her chivalry


Open doors for her, pull her chair out for her, allow her to pick the movie.

This may sound old fashioned but women love it if you do these simple things for them. It tells her you’re a gentleman.

16. Include her in decision making

Include her in decision making
Include her in decision making

Always ask her opinion of things, even though you’d be the one to ultimately make the decision, she’d be thrilled and feel a sense of importance and belonging.

Most times, try to follow her advice. Do this and she’d know her opinion is valued and you’d be loved more or this.

17. Don’t check out other women

Don't check out other women
Don’t check out other women

Many men are guilty of this.

Whenever you’re with her, give her full attention. Don’t let some other ladies take your full attention from her.

A lady wants to know that she’s the centre of your world. You may think they don’t notice, they do oh. If she notices you’re always checking out other women, it will make her feel you’re on the lookout for a better option.

You don’t want her to feel that way. Giving her full attention and focus makes her feel secure in the relationship and she’d love you more for it.

18. Listen to her

Listen to her
Listen to her

When she’s trying to talk to you, drop whatever you’re doing and listen to her.

Yeah, women can talk forever, but be patient with her and listen to the end to whatever it is she’s trying to tell you.

She’d love you more for this.

19. Shower praises on her

Appreciate her
Appreciate her

Pour praises on her by constantly appreciating the things she does for you, no matter how little.

Acknowledging and thanking her for the things she does for you will strengthen your relationship.

She’d do more for you if you praise and appreciate her for the things she’s done.

20. Say I’m sorry

Always apologize
Always apologize

Most men have a phobia for saying ‘I’m sorry’.

It won’t kill you to say; I’m sorry for not giving you my full attention yesterday, I know how much you want me to, but you know how I give full attention to the game”.

This lubricates the relationship, she’d love you even more.



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