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MUSIC: Shank – Feel Lucky + VIDEO Teaser – Afrotronics



Here’s the change Nigerian music has been waiting for. Move aside Hip hop, Afrobeat, and Afro Pop,. We now have Afrotronics! Bombshelter Entertainment is proud to present ‘Feel Lucky’, an Afrotronic song and its amazing video teaser from Nigeria’s top musician, Shank. Produced by Phujja, ‘Feel Lucky’ is a mid-tempo romantic single, delivered in the trademark Caribbean style.

It is the first of a new emergent genre called ‘Afrotronics’. Afrotronics is a fusion of the Afro and electronic sounds. the Afrotronics sound is a combination of pentatonic scales on contemporary beats, giving an end product that is an eclectic mix of Afro tunes and contemporary sounds. The Afrotronics sound is a Bombshelter initiative originated by the super talented producer, singer and song writer, Mojola ‘Phujja’ Fuja who are putting together a compilation of 10 songs with various top Nigerian musical artists.

Each musical sound on the Afrotronics compilation is uniquely tailored around each artist’s music style and genre. The video for ‘Feel Lucky has also been shot, and the teaser is available for your viewing pleasure. The full video will be released soon. Watch Listen, download, and share the song attached below. Enjoy!



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