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D’Banj Reveals 10 Year Anniversary Project being the P.Diddy & JayZ Of Africa & More!



“In an Exclusive Interview on set of D’Banj’s latest project, D’Banj sat down with Raro Lae, and dished her all of the tea! The interview was filmed by Champion Studio, in collaboration with Lafamedia Productions, iCirculate & Kedu TV.

D’Banj spoke of working on “Coming To America” music project for 6+ months (Including I’m D’Banj Album & EP) celebrating his 10th year anniversary, million dollar Jesus piece jewelry given to him by Kanye Wes exclusive info about his latest music videos, being inspired by Beyonce for current project ( He’s already filmed 5+ videos), paving the way for international artist, ciroc sponsorship, D’Banj being the P.Diddy, Michael Jackson, Jay Z of Africa, Struggles & obstacles he faced in his 10 Years and more!”

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